Toyota takes Tacoma pickup and Sienna minivan and turns them into the Ultimate Utility Vehicle

There is something strange going on at the headquarters of Toyota as they have just revealed the ultimate utility vehicle as they have taken the Sienna and the Tacoma and blended the two into a hybrid vehicle. The vehicle is about to take a trek over North America and it offers just about everything you would need in a utility vehicle.


[Image Courtesy of Toyota]

The ultimate utility vehicle from Toyota is the type of vehicle that will make you drool if you are into this type of vehicle. It comes with rugged styling and everything you could ever wish for in a 4×4 off-road vehicle. What is unusual about this 4×4 is that is has a short and curved hood along with the cabin shape. The B-pillar rear door does away with the fact that it is primarily a Sienna minivan that has been given a great deal of modification. This has been seemingly stuck onto the Tacoma pickup and its ladder frame.


There isn’t a great deal of information about this ultimate utility vehicle other than the fact that it is going on the 16,500 mile, 110 day Ever Better Expedition that started in Plano earlier on this week and which will go through numerous regions, including Route 66, Death Valley and New York City.

The convoy consists of nine Toyota vehicles and the aim of it is to get employees out of the office. This is so they can actually experience what it’s like to drive a Toyota vehicle on a day to day basis. They will then take their experience and put it to use on vehicles in the future. This is the second leg of the Five Continents Driving project of Toyota that started in Australia. The only single vehicle that is going to take part in all five legs will be the Land Cruiser 200.

You can see from the photos that the ultimate utility vehicle has a frightening looking front bumper complete with winch along with rock sliders, off-road lights and bead lock style wheels. The suspension has been updated and to complete the scary look there is a matte black paint job.

The ultimate utility vehicle is going to be shown off at the SEMA show which is held in November.

Via [Toyota]

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