Are These 8 Sequels Better Than the Original Movie,…… Do You Agree?

Discussing movies can lead to very heated debates, especially when debating your likes and dislikes. Everyone knows that gut-wrenching terror of admitting ‘I prefer the sequel’ to be met with the glares of your peers.Now with lots of sequels and re-makes happening this year, it’s a good time to ask ourselves: are sequels a great thing? Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is one of the most highly anticipated movies to be released in 2015. And it’s always great to see your favorite characters back on the big screen, isn’t it? Debatable.But some movies do just get it better the second time around. Here’re 10 sequels that surpassed the original movie, do you agree? Read on to find out.

1. Godfather II

Starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, this epic crime drama is possibly the best gangster film of all time, and all the awards it won certainly reflect that!

Cleverly interweaving two stories together, the movie is actually a sequel and a prequel to The Godfather. It shows the rise of the Corleone family from Italy to the streets of New York.

Directed by Francis Coppola, the film was nominated for eleven Academy Awards and was the first sequel to win Best Picture. Its six Oscars included Best Director for Coppola, Best Supporting Actor for De Niro and Best Adapted Screenplay. Pacino won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

2. Terminator 2

Terminator was an amazing movie! But let’s not forget that Judgement Day had the cop! This time Sarah Connor and her son John are pursued by a more badass shape shifting Terminator that is hell bent on killing John so he can’t grow up to be the leader of the human resistance. Phew!

Also, it has this scene. I never saw this coming!

3. Dawn of the Dead

Following on from seeing the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in Night of the Living Dead we now get to see the stories of the survivors. Four people take shelter in an abandoned mall, which seems like a pretty cool thing to do, well, apart from the swarm of zombies walking around outside.

After a few months, a biker gang discovers the mall and the survivors then have to save themselves from the living as well as the undead.

4. Silence of the Lambs

It’s hard to believe that this is a sequel but it actually follows on from the movieManhunter which starred Brian Cox as Hannibal Lector. It got slated by the critics and never really made much of an impact, this is why Red Dragon was made, as both movies are based on the same book also named Red Dragon.

Of course no-one was going to beat the Hannibal who we are all terrified by, no-one quite sends a chill down the spine like he does!

5. Addams Family Values

For a kids movie this had it all, a huge scary house that contained loads of neat stuff to make mischief with. Not to mention all the chains you could pull and you would never know where you were going to end up.

Uncle Fester getting married and wearing wigs was hilarious. Wednesday and Pugsley terrorizing everyone at their Summer Camp, which I was totally for, them kids were so annoying. And a little addition to the family, complete with a cool moustache! What wasn’t to love?!

And The Mamushka

6. The Dark Knight

Christian Bale returned for his second stint at playing Batman, and had to tackle the infamous Joker, played by Heath Ledger. The graphics are amazing, the Batmobile is awesome, the car chases, the plot, the acting…not to mention Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker performace. Can you tell I love this movie?

It’s predecessor Batman Begins showed the origins of how Batman became the kick-ass superhero he is. After years of misses when it came to the franchise,Batman and Robin springs to mind, it was a nice return to form, but the Dark Knight just blew it wide open by being the best Batman movie of recent times.

7. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

A lesson for life is given in this movie. Sometimes the good guys lose! A rarity in cinema, because we all like to see bad people being punished. But it’s a great twist in the tale which makes it quite a stand out movie.

We find out all about Luke’s real parents (oooh, spoilers) and we get Yoda! And let’s face it, Yoda is one of the best cinematic inventions ever!

8. Ghostbusters 2

It’s not everyday you get to watch a movie that shows the statue of liberty walking through the streets of New York.

There is also a bath that attacks people, a river of slime and a possessed painting. And the graphics? For a child of the ’80s it was truly impressive.

Ghosts in electric chairs terrorizing court rooms, the Titanic docking and a race on to save the people of New York on New Years Eve of all times. Action packed stuff.

Vigo the Carpathian, the scary guy in the painting, wants Dana’s baby so he can live again. Why is it always Dana getting into trouble? In Ghostbusters she gets possessed and now this? But obviously the Ghostbusters save the day, even Tully gets to put on the famous uniform!

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