New Water Bottle Reminds You To Drink More Water In A Unique Way

Wearable technology is becoming the norm for people now. With easy-to-wear devices and connected apps at our fingertips, we know more about our bodies now than ever before. One thing that is becoming more and more apparent is the benefit of simply getting enough water every day. When we get enough, we feel more energized and improve our health. More clean water in our system increases mental focus and mood and can even help prevent certain types of cancers. You can relieve headaches and reduce bad breath simply by drinking more H2O.

The reason many of us don’t get enough water is that we simply forget. People are busy rushing from one place to the next, and often don’t stop to think about it. We drink when we are thirsty, but doctors say that by the time you feel thirst, you are already beginning to be dehydrated.

There are tons of apps that can alert you to drink more water, which are a great reminder for some. We already use our phones for so much, so it is always by our side. But at a time when our phones are already our main source of information and connection, it can be easy to ignore another pop up or to be irritated by the buzz of another message when you’re busy.

HidrateMe is an app, but it is different.


New Water Bottle Reminds You To Drink More Water In A Unique Way

HidrateMe is a system where the app is hooked up to a stylish water bottle that can help remind you to drink more. The app tracks and customizes how much water you should be drinking every day based on a lot of individual factors. While some apps offer a reminder for a generic volume of water, HidrateMe has a unique algorithm that takes into account your location’s altitude and temperature to adjust settings. It also pairs with many activity trackers and readjusts based on your exertion throughout the day.

The app is linked to a smart bottle that tracks the volume that you’ve had to drink. When you have gone too long without taking a sip, the bottle begins to glow.


This is a great way to remind yourself to drink more water without interrupting the flow of your day. When you are in a meeting, working on a project, or during a class at the gym, you don’t want to be interrupted by the buzz or beep of your phone. Instead, the glow can silently let you know you need to take another sip without being a disruption.


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