Beer Is Good For You, We Promise, And Here’s Why

This is great news

Scientists have revealed that beer is actually good for you, and here are the facts to prove it…

If you’re reading this, you’re probably really hungover and looking for a reason to justify last night’s antics. Well, lads, we have 10 reasons for you.

Scientists, who obviously know what they’re talking about, say there are many health benefits to drinking beer, and here they are:

1) Beer helps to fight cancer

Xanthohumol, a flavonoid found in hops, is an antioxidant which inhibits cancer-causing enzymes. So an ingredient in your pint actually helps your body fight cancer. Isn’t that great?

2) People who drink beer live longer

Researchers have found that people who drink beer regularly in moderation were 19% less likely to die during a given time period than people who never touch a drop.

3) Beer keeps your brain sharp

Your brain may not feel very sharp right now if you’re reading this from your bed with a kebab, but a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that women who had one alcoholic drink a day were less likely to find their mental faculties declining as they grow older.


4) Beer doesn’t actually give you a beer belly

Although dad bods are the in thing right now, a study at UCL found there wasn’t actually much scientific evidence behind the idea of beer giving drinkers a ‘beer belly’.

There is a common notion that beer drinkers are, on average, more ‘obese’ than either non-drinkers or drinkers of wine or spirits.The association between beer and obesity, if it exists, is probably weak.A scientist, somewhere

 5) Beer stops you getting kidney stones
People who drink a moderate amount of beer are 41% less likely to get kidney stones, so I wouldn’t put your pint down. Not worth the risk.
6) Drinking beer makes you thin
As well as making you text your ex girlfriend at 3am, beer is actually good for your gut bacteria, which can aid efficient digestion according to Professor Tim Spector. And he has Professor in his name so he’s 100% right.
7) Beer has less calories than skimmed milk and orange juice
Guinness have released statistics showing that its brew is lower in calories than either orange juice or skimmed milk. Although you’re probably not going to drink 12 pints of milk.


8) Alzheimer’s? Yep, beer helps that too
Xanthohumol, a compound in the hops used to flavour beer, protects the brain from degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Just don’t drink too much of it or you won’t remember a f*cking thing.


9) Vitamins. Beer is full of them
Forget those horrible fruit smoothies that are really good for you but just don’t taste as nice as beer or make you happy, beer is full of vitamins.

If you analysed beer you would be amazed at how many super-nutrients there are in itAnother really nice scientist who knows what he’s talking about

10) Beer makes your bones stronger 
If you’re going to fall over drunk all the time, it’s important to have strong bones. A glass or two a day can help make your bones stronger because it’s rich in dietary silicon, key to building bone mineral density.
So, there you have it, 10 reasons to justify going to watch the Wimbledon final in the boozer. But, although beer is clearly very, very good for you, it’s important to drink in moderation or you’ll end up acting like a tool and p*ssing in your wardrobe at 4am like I did after my 18th birthday party.

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