Introducing The Ultimate Survival Knife

Blade makers at Maxam, a company specialising in explosives for over 25 years, have devised a blade to help you survive in any sticky situation. This has to be one of the most masculine tools I have ever set my eyes on.

If there was any definition of what a survival knife is then this is it. The blade is accompanied by over 10 ‘mini-tools’ and many including myself have labelled it one ‘badass’ blade.

The blade costs $30 dollars on and is accompanied by the following:  3/16″ thick blade; storage compartment in zinc alloy handle that holds bandage, tweezers, safety pin, razor blade, fishing line, pencil, thread, needle, and compass; 7″ skeletal frame knife with 2-5/8″ blade fits in molded sheath with large knife. Measures 14-1/8″ overall, with 7-3/4″ blade. If you think this item is a little too manly don’t worry, when purchased, it is delivered neatly gift wrapped. You’d almost expect a blade this masculine to be delivered by Mick Dundee but sadly not.

Written by @1mattcunningham

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