The Thunderbike Production-R is the ultimate modern classic


Good luck finding a better way to get an eyegasm or an eargasm! The Thunderbike Production-R is a beast of a bike that combines the power and comfort of the modern with the style of the classic. The folks from Thunderbike Germany really did it this time by making a ride that pleases the eye for extended periods of time. Defined curves and long lines- this custom bike is surely on every man’s bucket list


The engine and transmission of this awesome motorcycle are manufactured by Harley-Davidson, a HD Screamin Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine, producing 100 Hp and 160 ft lb of torque!  This bike runs on the street as smooth as possible, thanks to the air-ride suspension system. And of course, the Thunderbike Production-R isn’t custom just in name. It goes even to the wheels- the rear 21’ wheel was built in collaboration with Pirelli, while the front wheel measures 26”. All in all, you are looking at a masterpiece! And yeah, you guessed it; this thing is available only as custom order.









This time, we get a prime taste of exactly how something like a motorcycle can be transformed from something fun to ride on weekends to a complete piece of art. Centered around a Harley-Davidson CVO engine and transmission, this one of a kind two-wheeled ride is guaranteed to turn heads anywhere that you take it.


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