The Truth About Tattoos

The Truth About Tattoos

The Truth About Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a serious business. It is more than just a piece of art. It also requires a certain responsibility on your part. There are particular things you need to know about tattoos:

1.    Tattoo Machine. Have you ever seen the machine used for tattooing? Well, that device generally has four essential parts:

•    Needle
•    Tube for ink
•    Electric motor
•    Foot pedal

tattoo allergic reaction

2.    Allergic reaction. It is important to research more about your medical history as well as the quality of ink used for tattooing. This is because when you get a tattoo, some allergic reactions do not occur right away. There are instances when scars and rashes happen after tattooing.


3.    The tattoos don’t age, but your skin does. One thing you have to remember about tattoos is that they fade as you get older. However, it does not have something to do with the tattoo per se. The reason it looks blurry is that the skin goes through a constant cycle of renewal. As it renews over time, it affects the appearance of the tattoo; thus, making it look aged.

4.    Temporary tattoo has its own risks, too. In fact, FDA advised the public to watch out for the ink used in temporary tattoos. These inks are black henna that may contain para-phenylenediamine or PDD that can cause for permanent scarring.

5.    Do not judge the quality of all tattoos based on a single one. There are people who are having second thoughts on getting a tattoo just because of one horrible tattoo they have seen. Keep in mind that several factors affect the quality of all tattoos such as the experience of tattoo artist as well as the quality of ink used.

The truth about tattoos

6.    Another thing you need to know about tattoos is that it gives off a certain image. Although tattoos are getting more and more conventional these days, some sectors do not approve of employees who have them. Make sure you consider proper location for your art. For example, it is not wise to place your tattoo in the throat area where it is highly visible. In addition, some people may be put off if that is the first thing they see. Tattoos are more commonly placed at the back area, chest and arms.

7.    One thing about tattoos is that these serve as a statement of who you are. Your tattoo must be something that tells people about yourself or something that is highly relevant to your life. Keep in mind that this is something that will stay permanently in your skin.

Before getting one, do extensive research to familiarize yourself more with tattoos.

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