Movies, Musicians, Singers, TV Characters

Fan Favorites: Movies, Musicians, Singers, TV Characters

Celebrities, pop gods, icons . . . there is an undeniable aura and mystique about many celebrities.  They connect with us, we often get lost in the characters they play or fall in love with their well crafted public persona.  Weather we identify with a particular role or the individual themselves, in our culture, celebrities are often on a pedestal; they are indeed, American Royalty.  It seems every couple of years a new image becomes part of pop culture or certain genre dies off and then finds a new cult following to make its way into mainstream. You need not travel further than a Hot Topic Store at the local mall to find out what images and entertainment figures are the rage in today’s endless world of entertainment figures.

Choosing a celebrity, movie, TV or character tattoo is particularly fascinating as our tastes and fascinations change over time. How many of us had posters on our walls as kids and now are grateful we didn’t choose those images as our first tattoos? Or how many of us choose a tattoo that reflected something we loved all our life?

All tattoos are a commitment, but there is something even more telling about tattooing a celebrity image on your body. It really is a statement about how you feel when you see a particular celebrity or entertainment genre when you choose this type of tattoo. Celebrity tattoos are the ultimate in fan memorabilia and loyalty.

Check out this gallery with everything from De Niro to Star Wars, from Rap to Country music icons, these tattoos are truly about the emotion these icons create when we first “fell in love” with them.

Our entertainment collection was submitted to us via Instagram @TattooArtistMagazine – submit your favorite tattoo and they could be featured in a future blog.  Make sure to include the artist name as we always like to give credit where credit is due!

Nikko Hurtado @nikkohurtado


De Niro Factoid: Robert De Niro grew up New York’s Little Italy and was nicknamed ‘Bobby Milk’ for his pale skin.

Damien Wickham @damienwickhamtattoo

Damiem Wickham Entertainment

Kiefer Sutherland from the 1987 movie “The Lost Boys” where he plays the David, mysterious leader of vampire gang.

Gibb0o @gibb0o


And who doesn’t know this music icon? That’s right Calvin Broadus (bet you didn’t know that name) aka Snoop Dogg.

Carter Moore @carter_moore_tattoos


We have to imagine that the wearer of this tattoo not only loved the Wizard of Oz, but also felt a connection to the cowardly lion who found his courage to save his friend.

Kirill Freak  @kirillfreak


Talk about pop culture  – “The Walking Dead” has put our country into a zombie apocalypse frenzy. This design is as iconic as a classic movie poster.

Nikko Hurtado @nikkohurtado


“I love you” . . . “I know”.  One of the greatest interstellar love and adventure stories of our time . . .Star Wars.

Paul Acker @paulackertattoo


Ryan Gosling from “Drive”, a 2011 movie where he plays a Los Angeles wheel man for hire.

Gibb0o @gibb0o


This is not logical . . .Spock from Star Trek

Marc Fischer @marcfischertattooist


One of the original rebels the legendary Johnny Cash.
Johnny Cash Factoid: Cash was once attacked by an ostrich which left him with five broken ribs and internal bleeding. During his hospital visit for surgery, Cash smuggled in a card of Valium in the bandages over his suture. (Half of the pills dissolved into the wound.)

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