James Bond Aston Martin DB10 Debuts at Pebble Beach

Spectre, the latest James Bond film, is due to premiere in theaters on November 6. But ahead of this big opening, Aston Martin revealed the British super spy’s newest ride, the DB10. 

This movie car made its global debut in the metal at a private event hosted by Aston Martin. This car may serve a fictitious character, but it actually points in the direction this brand’s styling will go. All told, this machine is tastefully styled and extremely appealing.

Arguably, the DB10’s face is cleaner and more sophisticated than what graces the front of today’s Aston Martins. Also, a bit of the brand’s Vulcan hypercar can be seen in its rear end.

Curiously, Aston Martin provided 10 examples of the DB10 for filming purposes, as some were destined to be destroyed during the production of Spectre. This points to yet another Bond film overflowing with high-flying action.

Nominally, each of them were powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine matched to a six-speed manual gearbox, though Matt Clarke, PR and brand communications manager of Aston Martin the Americas, said some had different powertrains depending on the stunts they were used in.

thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Front thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Front-01 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Front (1) thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Front-02 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Front-03

When asked about the vehicle’s cabin, Clarke said, “We can’t show you the interior yet;” the DB10’s windows were all blacked out. Apparently it’s all super secret.

thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Grille-02 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Front-03 (1) thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Grille-02 (1) thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Hood-01 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Mirror-01 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Side-02 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Side-06 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Side-07 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Rear-02 thumbs_Aston-Martin-DB10-Rear-01

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