Awesome Tattoo Infographics Give You All You Need To Know!!

Tattooing is a large and wide ranging art form, it’s also a lot to wrap your head around when you first encounter the world of ink. There is more to tattooing than most people think, commonly people look at tattoos and think that, that’s it the whole of tattooing is simply putting ink on skin but in truth there is so much more!! The history, tradition, culture, practice and process are all areas to think about, and for any person new to the world of tattoos it can be a little overwhelming.

Thankfully in this modern age the internet is a great place to get the basics down and provides a number of resources to achieve this, much like our very own Tattoodo! But if you’re in a rush and want the basics fast then check out these awesome Tattoo Infographics and get basics of tattooing in no time!!



Where will hurt the most??

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