#Whenever Vincent Vega goes to the toilet (which is a lot – constipation is a side effect of heroin), something bad happens. He emerges at Mia Wallace’s house to find her overdosing, comes out at the restaurant to find a robbery unfolding and is shot dead by Butch after using his bathroom.


When the ‘Buddy Holly’ waiter (Steve Buscemi) asks Mia her if she wants her $5 shake “Martin and Lewis or Amos and Andy?”, he’s asking if she wants it vanilla or chocolate flavoured. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are white entertainers (vanilla), whereas Amos and Andy are black comedians (chocolate).


When Butch flees in a cab after killing his boxing opponent, the taxi driver (Angela Jones) actually played the same character in a TV show pilot – as a crime scene cleaner – where she was fascinated with death. This explains why she asks Butch what it’s like to kill a man.


At the end of Pulp Fiction , Jules says he wants to become a “drifter.” In Kill Bill Volume 2, Samuel L. Jackson appears as a piano-playing drifter, called Rufus.


After the movie’s iconic dance scene, you see Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace walk into her house holding a trophy. The audience assumes they won the contest, but later in the film, a barely audible advert states the trophy had been stolen – meaning Vince and Mia lost the competition then stole the trophy.

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Butch was originally intended as an up-and-coming boxer, with Sylvester Stallone, Matt Dillon and Mickey Rourke all considered for the role. Eventually, Tarantino amended the character and offered it to Bruce Willis, who previously wanted to play Vincent.


John Travolta spoke to a recovering heroin addict during his research for Vincent Vega. The addict, a friend of Quentin Tarantino, suggested Travolta get drunk on tequila and lie in a hot pool, as this would be the closest representation of heroin’s effects without actually it. Travolta tried this method with his wife in their hotel hot tub, lining up tequila shots along the bath.


The shot of Vincent plunging the syringe of adrenaline into Mia’s chest was filmed by having John Travolta pull the needle out, then reversing the footage.


When Butch shoots Vincent Vega, it isn’t Vince’s gun that’s been left on the side. As Jules had ‘retired’ by this point, Marcellus Wallace is staking out Butch’s house with Vincent, leaving his firearm there while going to get coffee and doughnuts – which is when Butch next sees him.

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Marsellus and Mia Wallace never speak to each other on-screen, despite being husband and wife.

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