Animal Tattoos!

10 Amazingly Cute Furry Animal Tattoos!

Whether it’s a pet or you’re just an animal lover, animal tattoos never go out of style! Here’s a small collection of furry animal tattoos from the artists at STR Body Modifications for your viewing pleasure…Hope you’re not allergic!

This cute Siamese caught himself some dinner.

Eddy-Lou cat tattoo

Ok, this one isn’t too furry…but it sure is cool!

Drew Shallis spider3

What is this thing..? Can you say AWESOME!

Eddy-Lou what is it tattoo

Awwww…it’s Bambi.

EbonyMellowship deer tattoo

Very cool Songbird piece with Cherry Blossoms!

EbonyMellowship bird tattoo

Wiley as a…

EbonyMellowship fox tattoo

Cats, cats, cats… never enough Cat Tats!

Eddy-Lou cat tattoo3

Man’s Best friend…all suited up and ready for a night on the town!

Drew Shallis dog tattoo

Super cool carousel tattoo!

Drew Shallis horse tattoo

Ok, even hairless cats need love!

Drew Shallis naked cat

All tattoos done by Shannon Richmond, Drew Shallis, Ebony Mellowship, and Eddy-Lou of STR Body Modifications! Thanks for the submissions, guys! You rock!


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