Top Tuner Cars Under £10,000


You don’t need to spend the cost of a house to get into a high-performance automobile – this top 10 list compiles the best buys under £10,000 for cars that can be tuned relatively cheaply to compete with the best!  Thanks to their loyal base, these cars have a lot of aftermarket performance parts and tutorials available to squeeze out the maximum horsepower from these gems!



 Volkswagen R32

It isn’t uncommon to hear someone putting out 600hp out of the V6 engine in the R32.  With some transmission work and modifications, you could be on your way to having a five-door Lambo killer.


 BMW E39 M5

The E39 M5 is a legendary car outright and full of character – light mods are all you should need to complete this one!


 Volkswagen GTI

 The GTI is probably the most popular German car for tuning – with practical performance, the GTI has its own set of tuners that generally focus on improving the handling, control, and power output.


 Mazda RX-7

 The RX-7 is a Wankle-engined beauty that can be mildly modified or taken to the extreme with 800hp+ quad-rotor builds depending on who you’re trying to take down!


 Nissan 240SX

Usually known for being a great drift car, the 240SX can really fill any position – the car has a strong transmission, engine, and is RWD – on top of that, they are so cheap and easily modifiable.  You could even take it to the extreme by getting a a shell for a steal and making it your own monster with an LS1 or 2JZ build!


Toyota Supra

 Hold your horses – a Supra for under £10,000? I know what you’re thinking – it must be salvaged title without a motor! But no, you can in fact find a Toyota Supra 2JZ80 for under £10,000 in the right country such as England, Australia, Japan, and Canada.


Classic Volkswagen Beetle

Beetles have been turned into dune-racing Baja Bugs, tire-shredding drag racers, sports cars, and who the heck knows what else. What do you plan to do with yours?

Honda Civic

The Civic has long been a popular choice for amateur tuners.

Its simple front-wheel drive platform, excellent handling dynamics and robust transmission have made the Civic a go-to tuner car for weekend performance tinkerers for years.

Likewise, its bigger brother the Honda Accord has gathered attention, especially in its coupe body style.

From outlandish spoilers to over-the-top snorkels and intake cuts, the Civic is extremely popular among street tuners.

Honda Civic Modifications


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

As far as automakers go, few have the racing credentials and reputation of Mitsubishi.

Although not very well-known in the United States as a general carmaker, Mitsubishi is one of the top names globally in various racing formats.

Few of their cars, however, have garnered the attention (and trophy case) that the Lancer Evolution has.

Mitsubishi Lancer modifications

Since its U.S. introduction in 2003, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has been one of the most coveted sport tuning cars since it arrived.

It features a robust all-wheel drive system, turbocharged engines that beg for bigger turbos and excellent track-ready handling characteristics. Whether on the pavement or in a rally, the Lancer Evolution is usually on the podium when the race is done.

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