What a Man’s Facial Hair Says About Him

Which style of facial hair do you have? This COULD be you!

The way a man wears his facial hair says a lot about him. Agree or disagree…these are the way others see you. You may want to change your look.

#1 Mutton Chops

#2 The Big Beard with long hair

#3 The Pube Beard

#4 The Chin Square

#5 The Tom Selleck

#6 The Big Beard with short hair

#7 Iconic Handlebar

#8 The Pencil

#9 The Nottingham

#10 The Goatee

#11 The Big Beard with no mustache

#12 Big Beard with no hair

#13 Soul Patch

#14 The Chinstrap

#15 The Crustache

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