It’s no secret that people hold their ink close to their hearts. Thus it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of people choose to go in a spiritual direction with their tattoos. Whether it is a laughing Buddha or a mandala we commend the people in this gallery for getting great looking tattoos that clearly mean the world to them. Enjoy this gallery of spiritual tattoos.

tumblr_n9dsk38Str1rt2zkgo1_500 UnaloneSymbol_@jamieblackcrow tumblr_mjw0mojdgJ1rt2zkgo1_540 FlowerOfLife AllSeeingEye_JamieParrish_@jamieptattoo tumblr_mq3desoCJu1r9cc8ko1_500 tumblr_mzzi2f4axO1rt2zkgo1_1280 hamsa_laurentoohey Lotus_AlisonReber_@alisonrebertattoo Mandala_CharlieC_@charliectattoo Shiva_PeterMadsen-@blackhandnomad Ganesh_CharlieC

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