What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

A Look at the Bible Facts


What do you think of Jesus? Well, for more than a billion Christians, he is their saviour and for others,well what did he look like,Does Jesus look like what most pictures of Him reveal?  Did Jesus have long hair and wear a white robe as the pictures and movies portray?  Did He look different from the rest of the Jews or was He no different from those of His day?


Because the Western people have dominated the idea about what Jesus should have looked like, so this man who came from the Middle East looks like someone from Europe. Isn’t that just weird? People from the Middle East don’t look like the Western depiction of Jesus at all. Thankfully, researchers have carefully constructed a face that would be more representative of Jesus.

The Western Depiction of Jesus

The Western Depiction of Jesus

This is the face of Jesus Christ that people are aware of, regardless of religion. White, long-haired and sharp nose.

A More Accurate Jesus

A More Accurate Jesus

Thanks to forensic scientists, Popular Mechanics has noted that the real look of Jesus has been constructed. Yes, this is not the actual, 100% face of Jesus, but is absolutely more accurate than the Western Jesus that we always see.

Computer Analysis

The forensic scientists actually had to analyse a skull of a Semite dating back in the first century which was found in the northern region of Israel, particularly at Galilee. Then, the skull goes through a computer analysis to get the facial shape and features.

Using Paintings

Using Paintings

To find out the accurate color of Jesus, the anthropologists also looked at the old paintings and illustrations of Semites made during the time of Jesus in that area.

Utilizing the Bible

Utilizing the Bible

To make the face more specific for Jesus, the Holy Bible was also analysed by the researchers. It was revealed that a verse in the Bible actually characterized long hair as unattractive and a “disgrace”, so it was actually more believable for Jesus to have had short hair.

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