Recycle glass bottles in a creative way is a opportunity to save money and at the same time to test your imagination. If your dustbin is full of glass bottles, of wine or beer, or any other drink, before you decide to throw away it maybe you should take a look at these 10 possibilities of recycling. Here, then 10 creative ideas to put into practice immediately:

1) Table lamps

Beer and wine bottles can become table lamps: it is sufficient to realize, with the aid of a glass tip, a hole and insert inside a light wire.

2) Candle holders

Another tip is to give life to the candle holders, maybe obtained by cutting the bottles in half. All you need is a kit to cut the bottles, and in a moment you get what you want.


3) Shelves

Having wood shelves and glass bottles – provided it are all the same size – you can create shelves quite original, such as those created by the Scottish company Zero Waste Design.

4) Christmas Trees

Are becoming more common, and very spectacular from the aesthetic point of view, the trees – Christmas and beyond – made with glass bottles: in Shanghai, for example, in 2009 have been used a thousand bottles of Heineken to create a magnificent tree.


5) Glasses

It seems strange to say this, but the glass bottles can be tranformed … in glasses. Also in this case, it is essential to cut in half (you can just incise the bottle with a cutter from the glass, then use a flame to heat the line that you engrave, and finally pass around the incision with an ice cube. A few moments later the bottle will break along such a line).

6) Torches

If the bamboo Tiki torches are unwelcome, there is no better solution than to prepare them with glass bottles. This is demonstrated by the propose of Design Sponge, offering minimal and modern style lamps made from simple bottles of wine. The advantage provided by these objects is twofold: it is, indeed, torches which cost very little and which can be mounted directly to the wall.


7) Chandeliers

Very imaginative idea is to create a chandelier with glass bottles overturned. Is necessary, in this case, a bit of craftsmanship, with the right experience in DIY.

8) Vases blackboard

Thanks to the chalkboard paint, anyone has the ability to turn a bottle which contained water in a trendy and looking very intriguing pot, on which it will be fun to draw and write anything you want.


9) Bells

The glass bottles can be recycled creatively also through a transformation in bell chimes. The kit to cut the bottom allows you to perform the work without difficulty, and with a little of string, a piece of beaten copper and a wooden ball bells are ready to be played.

10) Feeders for birds

Finally, the last proposal to recycle glass bottles in a useful and interesting way is to give life to the bird feeders. The bottles must be hung upside down from a hook, and within it must be inserted a small tube that comes out from the neck and allow the birds to feed.


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