Fancy pimping out your motorhome ahead of the summer camping season? Or how about building one from scratch? In that case, we have the inspiration for you right here… check out these awesome motorhomes!

Incredible Motorhome

Firstly we’re taking it back in time with this retro renovation. Randy Grubb was bored with the average motorhome, so he decided to create ‘The Decoliner’ aka ‘Flash Gordon’s Motorhome’!

The motorhome was built on a 1973 GMC Motorhome chassis with a 1953 White COE forming the front cab. This unique creation really is made with the finest materials. Measuring 26-foot in length with a mirrored exterior, it definitely seeks attention. The uniqueness of this incredible motorhome doesn’t stop at its design; it can also be driven from the roof!

We go from cool retro to country chic with this next convenient conversion.

bufalino motorhome

This is known as the ‘Bufalino’ – a camper fit for the countryside, designed by Cornelius Comanns. This three-wheel van was inspired by the Piaggio APE 50 due to its efficient, lightweight body. Don’t be deceived by the exterior though. It may look small, but Doctor Who himself would feel at home in this TARDIS-like creation.

Venturing inside the home, you’ll find a place to sit, sleep and cook with plenty of storage space. The back flaps double up as a door and hanging space, which is perfect for drying clothes. What else do you need for a short break?

From country convenience to luxury and extravagance, this next motorhome is the Futuria Sport + Spa.

the futuria motorhome

It may look like a truck, but it’s so much more than that. The Futuria, designed by Most Mobile Specials in cooperation with Eura Mobil, is perfect for long-distance travel and features more mod cons than most people have in their homes.

For those who love a good party, the living room comes well-equipped with a sound system, imitative fog machine and let’s not forget the awesome Jacuzzi roof terrace! The flawless interior design makes for a comfortable yet luxurious lifestyle. But if you want one of these £280,000 motorhomes you might have missed your chance as only 100 were created.


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