Adidas Jeans Mk II


If you’re an adi obsessive then chances are that there’s a special place in your heart/wardrobe for the adidas Jeans. Originally released in the mid seventies and unusually for adidas designed with being worn alongside denim in mind rather than winning a particular sport, the adidas Jeans soon became ‘the’ shoe to be seen in by clued up kids all over the UK. The updated MKII version that appeared in 1980 with it’s additional heel stabilizer and toe overlay proved even more popular timing it’s arrival with that of casual culture and all that jazz. adidas Originals have got it spot on with their current re-issue of the Jeans Mk II (I know this because Jeans fan/expert Brooksy said so on instagram) and I’ve just had a look in Hip Store who have got both red and green versions of the MKII available right now. Don’t hang about though as it might be another 35 years before they get re-issued again.










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