The Best Small Motorhome’s – Living Large in a Small Space

What’s so great about small Motorhomes ?  They are more fuel efficient, easy to drive and they can pack all the amenities of a home in a tiny floor plan…but best of all it rolls down the road on 4 wheels.

Below are our favorite Super Small Motorhomes and a few reasons why we think they’ll work for you.  We suggest you visit a dealership and test drive them.

Now that we have all that out of the way, here are our top recommendations.

The Incognito:  Airstream Interstate Twin Dual Wardrobe


The upsides:

  • Contemporary – the most contemporary class B inside and out.
  • Twin Beds – This model has 2 twin beds in the back which allows a separate bed for company (of course this means you’ll be sleeping on a twin bed so you have to be ok with that).  There is another model with a fold flat sofa in the back if twins aren’t your cup of tea.
  • Understated Exterior – No big stickers or swirls, this RV looks like any other van on the road.
  • Wardrobe – What we like best about this model is the 4 wardrobe spaces to hold your clothes/shoes/etc.  Many class B motorhomes only have 1 wardrobe space, and with the amount of travel you’re talking about we think the more storage the better.


The downsides:

  • Wet-Bath – This means your toilet is inside the shower.  Some people love this style of shower, and others hate it.  Make sure you understand how it works before your purchase
  • Size – Class B’s are small.  You need to ask yourself: can I live in such a tiny space?
  • Storage – Minimal exterior and interior storage, difficult for long trips.



Breathing Room:  Winnebago View 24M



The upsides:

  • Slide – There is a giant slide on the driver’s side that gives you ample living space when parked.
  • No Bed – Our favourite Motorhome floor plan!  There is no bed in the back so you get a huge bathroom and shower area.  The main bed is located in the loft area above the driver’s seats.
  • Pull out sofa – there is a pull out sofa so you can sleep 1-2 visitors.
  • Kitchen – larger sink, stove and refrigerator than a class B RV.
  • Storage – 5 times more storage (inside and out)
    than a class B.
  • Bigger Tanks – Freshwater/Black/Grey tanks are much larger for living off the cord.

The downsides:

  • Size – This is a compact class C but it’s taller and wider than a standard van.
  • Exterior – Looks like a Motorhome.
  • Interior – not exactly contemporary, but it’s a clean style.
  • Fuel Economy – I would expect this RV to get 2 MPG less than a class B RV.



The Transformer:  Leisure Travel Vans U24MB


The upsides:

  • Cool TV – 26” Hidden LCD Screen drops into cabinet!
  • Murphy Bed – How cool is that, the bed pops out of the wall when you need it!
  • Storage – Large Closet Space with plenty of storage inside and out.
  • Huge Bathroom – Might be the largest bathroom of any Class B.
  • Contemporary Styling – Curved cabinets and streamlined designs inside.
  • Slideout – Slide offers additional living space when parked.

The downsides:

  • Size – This is a B+ so the length and height is slightly larger than a class B, but smaller than a class C.
  • Exterior – Looks like an RV, but the paint is pretty simple.
  • Bed – Murphy bed doesn’t allow for additional sleeping




The Custom:  Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended



The upsides:

  • Custom – Every piece of the interior is customizable.  You want 2 beds, you want a big kitchen, you need wardrobe space
  • Contemporary – they have cabinets for the traditional or the contemporary
  • Sofa Beds – In the back the sofa converts to 1 queen bed, or 2 twin beds!
  • 4 Wheel Drive – If you plan to be off-roading (or in snow a lot) 4wd might be an option.
  • Pop-Up Roof – Pop up roofs offer additional room and sleeping/storage while parked

The downsides:

  • Time – if you’re in a rush I’m not sure how long a build-out takes
  • Same as Airstream – Wet Bath, small size, minimal storage
  • Loans – A custom van conversion like this is not RVIA, which means you cannot get an extended loan like a standard RV


*Other Brands – There are plenty of other brands doing custom small RVs including GTRV, Outside Vans, Advanced RV just to name a few, so do some online research before diving into one specific brand.


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