Weird Facts About Your Balls


They are working hard every day.

The numbers are in: testicles typically produce 200 million sperm per day.

They grow during SEX — by kind of a lot

  They can grow to twice their normal size! And speaking of size . . .

The man with the largest nutsack in recorded history was Wesley Warren.

Warren’s scrotum weighed in at a whopping 132.5 pounds. Sadly, Warren died recently.

Self-imposed ball torture in the middle ages was kind of a thing . . .

The belief back then was that the left testicle produced female sperm, and the right produced male sperm. For that reason, many men in those days opted to have their left ball removed.

Pure efficiency: They have each other to lean on.

One typically hangs lower than the other which is their subtle space-saving trick.

Testicles also shrink when they’re cold because it’s the body’s natural way to protect itself, just as they hang down and are loose when you’re too warm in an effort to release heat.

“The temperature for sperm production has to be ‘just right,’ which makes the scrotum an excellent natural heating and cooling machine. Unfortunately, it’s just for that one specific area

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