10 Explosive Facts About Farting You Never Knew



The word “fart” is usually a funny word. But even though farting is as natural as any other process of life it can be kind of embarrassing to talk about. Maybe these fun facts about farts will make you feel better about this natural way to pass gas! Here are 10  interesting facts about farts that you should have always known!


1/  Men fart more then women.

2/ The Word Fart was coined in 1632, Defined as “To send Forth wind from the Anus.”

3/ The average Human being Farts 14 times a day.

Vector abstract design big ass farting eps

4/ You Fart enough every day to fill a balloon.

5/ Farting is the result of a healthy but complex Ecosystem in your intestines.

6/ Due to Higher Hydrogen Sulphide content, Female Farts smell worse then Male farts on average.

images (37)

7/  Inhaling Farts can be Healthy !!

8/  Tighter Anus = Louder Farts.

9/ Farts have been timed at Speeds of up to 10 Feet per second.

10/ Chewing Gum and Fizzy drinks can make you Fart more.

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