Video Game Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Video games are fun. Nothing beats sitting back, whiling away the hours playing your favorite games. But unfortunately, there are times when life gets in the way of playtime. So, what’s better than playing games? Well, not much but a close second is reading up on insane video game trivia that you can later use on dates and at important job interviews.

Ok, probably best that you choose the best times to use them. These nuggets of gaming gold are guaranteed to blow your mind! Probably not safe for work this one, as this article will have you shouting out loud as you read – “no way!” and “whaaa?” – enjoy.

12. ‘Deus Ex’ predicted 911?

In Deus Ex, players are able to explore a small area around Liberty Island. From here the player is able to check out the city skyline from afar but something was missing. The World Trade Centre towers were missing. This resulted in a high level of complaints to which lead designer Harvey Smith replied:

“When people complained, we just explained that it had been destroyed by terrorist attacks. We start the game with the Liberty Island statue having been destroyed by terrorists a few years before. We just said that the towers had been destroyed too.”

Deus Ex was released in the year 2000, just over a year before the real world event.

11. The G-Code (Konami code)

The most famous G-code for video games of all time is – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. The code is affectionately known as the Gamers Code. Here’s something you definitely didn’t know – if you to and type in the above code you will get a nice surprise. Genuinely not an advert there – well, it kind of is but only for the Easter Egg!

10. Skimping on the background

Would you believe that the bushes and clouds in Super Mario Bros. are exactly the same thing, just painted different colors?

9. ‘Fallout’ Evil

There is a very groovy cameo character in Fallout that you may have spoken to but not realized exactly with whom you are actually speaking. Takahashi, who can be found in Diamond City dishing up the soup is voiced by Shinji Mikami, the legendary creator of the Resident Evil franchise.

8. Who is your daddy and what does he do?

The school in the original Silent Hill is the same as in Kindergarten cop. Some say that Silent Hill is actually Kindergarten Cop but in a parallel universe.

How, what, why?! So many questions here but it is genuinely true.

7. A cracking pair of facts

Tomb Raider icon Lara Croft was originally called Laura Cruz and believe it or not, she didn’t always have big breasts.

Apparently the over-sized jugs that Lara possesses today were the result of an ‘accident’ by designer Toby Gard. Gard ‘accidentally’ adjusted the model’s boob size by 150% of their original size and weirdly enough, the other designers working on the game loved her new look and it just kind of stuck. Accident my A**!

6. This is illegal?

If you ever find yourself in New Zealand make sure not to carry with you a copy of Manhunt, it is actually a criminal offense to be in possession of this game.

5. Like a nightmare

One game of Animal Crossing on the GameCube has the horrifying potential to last up to 29 real-time years. That could be a form of torture – being made to watch that non-stop.

4. Memories

You know those Chain Chomp things in Mario games? They are actually based on Miyamoto’s neighbor’s dog (what kind of dog did he have!?) The dog would often get chained up next to the yard that Miyamoto used to play in as a child.

3. Gym buff

For those of you regular gym goers in Pokemon Gold & Silver. You may not have realized it but the layout of this gym was Clefairy!

2. No Hopers

Upon completion of Donkey Kong Country 2, you are presented with a screen that places your character on a plinth and compares you to Mario, Yoshi, and Link. If you look at the bottom of this screen you will see Sonic’s shoes and Earthworm Jim’s gun next the trash can with a sign that reads “No Hopers.”

1. True love

Sonic the Hedgehog originally had a human girlfriend named Madonna. That couldn’t have been comfortable.

Is your mind sufficiently blown? This tiny sample of gaming trivia reminds me exactly why I love video games. It has been a real blast putting this piece together – I must have stopped about 10 times to tell someone walking by one of my newly found nuggets of knowledge.

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