The Amazing Tiny House

The tiny house Escapade a modern design that will please fans of refined architecture.

The hook of the roof, provides with its four consecutive windows, provides high brightness dose inside. The three openings in height from the front, meanwhile, offer panoramic views

the garden and its surroundings. The floor area (including floor) of this model is 17.2 square meters.

The interior space is divided into several rooms. The bathroom and toilet are located at the bottom,

while the lounge area is accessible from the entrance. The kitchen includes a cabinet with multiple storage that will make office stairs for easy access to the floor. Above, a box-spring bed

two places (140×190) will accommodate the residents or for the night. The furnishing is neat

and includes essentially a single person or a couple.

A front porch allows visitors not to wait in the rain when they come

Knock on the door. Finally, a hotel is located above the tongue of the trailer. It can contain

various equipment when moving from home (extension cord, water hose, etc …).


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