BMW is set to bring back the 8 Series as a luxury GT

BMW is set to bring back the 8 Series as a luxury GT to rival the Mercedes S-Class Coupe

The BMW 8 Series is set to return with an all new model to rival the Mercedes S-Class Coupe as a large, luxurious grand tourer.

Trademark applications with the global intellectual property regulators reveal that BMW has already started the basic prep work. In late March it applied to strengthen its control of a string of 8 Series-related names, including 825, 830, 835, 850, 845, 860 and M850.


A BMW insider has confirmed to Auto Express that the move was not merely a case of the company ring-fencing the badges for possible future use, and that it reflects an imminent rejig of BMW’s GT line-up. BMW’s decision to bring back the 8 Series is due to a change of heart on what the 6 Series needs to be. The Bavarian manufacturer has not considered a rival to the Porsche 911 sports car before, preferring its 6 Series to be a larger, heavier GT. But the arrival of the Mercedes-AMG GT in the same market as the Porsche 911 has signalled new conflict between the big German premium brands, and now BMW wants the 6 Series to be its contender, as a more agile two-seater sports car. It’s that move which will make room for the new 8 Series.


BMW has also applied to register M8, signalling the potential arrival of a production car that was originally considered back in the early nineties. BMW created prototypes with a V12 engine (the motor that would ultimately end up in the McLaren F1) in the original 8 Series, but canned the project due to a perceived lack of customer demand.

The new M8 would give BMW a rival for the likes of the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe. M division would probably choose to use the twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine, producing around 450bhp, allowing the 7 Series’ V12 engine to be used in high-designation ‘regular’ 8 Series models like the 850 and M860.


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