10 Crazy Tattoo Laws From Around The World!

 39244Countries create certain rules and regulations to oversee the tattoo industry.Here are 10 of the craziest tattoo laws from around the world!


1) Denmark 
Since 1966 it has been illegal to tattoo someones hands, head and neck on Danish soil!!


Those hands weren’t tattooed in Denmark!


2) Ireland

While Ireland has no specific tattoo legislation, most tattoo shops won’t tattoo under 18, but some tattoo shops have been know to tattoo people as young as 14 with parents consent.

 Tattooed children


3) Dubai

Tattooing in Dubai is completely illegal and ink usually has to be covered in public… at least your awesome back piece won’t get sun damage…


Dubai Tattoo Law


4) Georgia, U.S

If you live in Georgia and want some permanent make up then there is bad news for you –  the state has ruled that it is unlawful to tattoo within an inch of the eye socket. You can kiss that permanent eyeliner goodbye!


Georgia Tattoo Law


5) Iowa, U.S

The age limit for getting a tattoo in Iowa is 18, but if you’re truly desperate for some ink there is a way around it; marriage. Yep, married under 18 year-olds are free to get their tattoo game on.


These kids clearly just want some awesome ink!!


6) Finland 

Much like Iowa, Finland has a loop hole to get tattooed under 18, all you need is a permit! How you get such a permit you will have to find out for yourselves.

Finland Tattoo Law 18+


7) Hawaii 

If you live in Hawaii and want a behind ear or eyelid tattoo, you are more than welcome to go get one! This happens only under the supervision of a registered physician, though. Hawaiian doctors just love some good tattooing!!


Hawaii Tattoo Law, “Good Nite” tattoos on eyelids


8) Netherlands 

16 year-olds in the Netherlands are free to get tattooed as long as they have parents consent. That consent however has to be provided in written form and the tattoo shop has to keep it locked in a file for 10 years!


Netherlands Tattoo Law


9) Iran 

Tattooing in Iran is legal, but is challenged by Islamic laws and people with tattoos have been known to get arrested and fined for showing their body art.


Islamic Tattoo Law


10) Adelaide, Australia

A recent law in Adelaide has seen members of motorcycle clubs and their associates banned from operating tattoo parlous!


Adelaide Tattoo Law

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