8 of the World’s Most Expensive Car Keys

 Some would say if you can afford the car then you can afford the Key !

Car keys are small, clunky and largely  unassuming in shape. Quite frankly pretty boring. However, these luxury car keys car  are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

These are an collection of the most expensive car keys in the world.  Take a look at the bespoke car keys from the likes of Bugatti, Ferrari and Mercedes. Each unique key comes with a choice of studded in diamonds, crystals and some are even designed to look like a miniature car.

Come and drool over the top 10 most expensive car keys you see below.

8) Tesla Model S Car Key

Price:  £400

We can confidently say the Tesla Model S is an evolution in automobile engineering. They have thought about every single detail right down to the gorgeous design of its key. The sleek ergonomically designed key is shaped like the Tesla S and within range the key detects your car, turning it on.  The added bonus is that each key is programmable for individual drivers; with preferred settings like seat, steering wheel, and mirror positions. Watch it in action below. Pretty damn Cool.

source: carhoots
source: carhoots

7) Mercedes-Benz Swarovski car keys

Price: £500

Mercedes-Benz Japan has designed 800 bespoke car keys, studded with the precious Swarovski for its ultra rich clientele. The individually handcrafted keys have over 300 fine Swarovski cystals which sparkle alongside the Mercedes-Benz star giving the key an  Aurora Borealis crystal effect.

source: carhoots
source: carhoots

6) Pagani Huayra key by Horacio Pagani

Price: £1,000+

If you’re buying a  $1.1 million Pagani Huayra supercar then you have to expect something special from the key. The Pagani key does not disappoint. The Pagani key is a miniature model of the supercar, which splits into two halves, one used to start the car and the other end has a USB stick.

source: carhoots

5) BMW i8 Futuristic Car Key

Price:  £1,000+

This futuristic looking key fob has its very own high resolution LCD display, showing the cars charge levels,  the distance you can travel before needed to recharge/refuel and it even allows you to pre-set the car’s temperature remotely.  This hands down beats the Tesla Model S key.


source: carhoots

4) Eng-i-Creation’s $7,000 custom key fob

Price: £ 7,000

What price do you expect for a key that is handcrafted in the finest leathers and embellished with silver and gold?  A whopping $7,000 for this lavish Eng-i-Creation Gumpert Apollo Key. Worth it? We’ll let you decide…

source: carhoots

3) Bentley Diamond Key from Alexander Amosu

Price: £7,895

Celebrated designer Alexander Amosu has created this elaborate diamond-studded  Bentley Continental car key.  Over 101 diamonds make up the  Bentley’s famous wings logo. The diamonds weigh 1.09 carats and the key is priced at a cool £7,895.

source: carhoots

2) Bespoke Ferrari Car Key

Price: £22,500

The house of Camael, London, famous for bejeweling the world’s most expensive iPad, costing $1.2 million, have taken a sumptuous step into the automotive world with this opulent customized Ferrari key fob. The unique Ferrari key is coated with 1160 flawless diamonds, with each single diamond weighting 7 carats. If this isn’t
luxurious enough then you can further personalise your key fob in other jewels and gold plating of your choice.

source: carhoots

1) Aston Martin AMVOX2 Watch

Price:  £34,000

Even James Bond would be jealous at  the sight of this Jaeger-LeCoultre watch. Not just any watch – as it’ll open up your  Aston Martin DB9 or DBS. Pretty cool eh? Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin engineers  have successfully merged cutting edge technology and fashion to create this most expensive car key at $34,000.

source: carhoots

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