Say Hello To Weed-Wine, Which Will Get You High And Drunk At The Same Time!

Most stoners don’t appreciate alcohol and vice versa. Alcohol lovers aren’t too fond of the Bum Bhole either. But this particular product might just bring the two communities together and make people who like both, rejoice!

Winemakers in California are commercially producing marijuana-laced wines, known as Canna Vine. So now, you can get drunk and high at the same time


 While the exact recipes for the pot-wines of yore aren’t available, a commonly used manufacturing method now is cold-pressed, never heated. It may not have the exact psychotropic effect one would expect. Instead, cannabis acts more like an herb would, adding depth of flavor and structure to wines. Melissa Etheridge, who became an unlikely, vociferous advocate of medical cannabis after going through a bout of chemotherapy, has created a line of pot-wine through Greenway in California, called “No Label.”
Like a lot of cannabis-related news, this comes with a caveat: It’s only legal in California for residents with medical marijuana license. It’s illegal to infuse alcoholic beverages with marijuana almost everywhere in the U.S.—even in states like Colorado and Washington, where recreational use of marijuana is otherwise allowed.

Last but not least, you better be ready to spend some serious green if you want to turn up with pot-laced pinot because this stoner-approved wine does not come cheap.

This honour comes with a few conditions.

  • You can get your hands on a bottle of this elixir only on a prescription.
  • It’s extremely expensive, like $120-400 for half a bottle.
  • It’s only available in the state of California, US.


Aspiring cannabis wine-makers have to actually make wine because it’s the fermentation process that extracts the THC from the wine. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Buy a kit, available online or in home brew shops.

2. Drop 1 lb of cannabis into a cask of fermenting wine. The fermentation process converts the sugar in the grapes into alcohol, and the alcohol extracts THC from the cannabis.

3. Wait a minimum of 9 months before bottling.

4. What you do with that wine when it’s finished is between you, your doctor and your tog


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