The Ravishing Beautiful Superyacht Okto is the first GT yacht


The superyacht Okto is the first GT yacht developed by the Italian shipyard ISA. This impressive vessel offers a rare elegance that promises a relaxing cruise.Rarely do we come across new yachts that push the limits in our industry; true game changers, pioneers, class leaders. This is exactly what ISA Yachts has achieved with their largest build to date, the stunningly sleek 66 metre superyacht Okto. Dressed in an ultra-cool black hull and deep silver superstructure, Okto has been roaming the seas as the epitome of style and luxury in her class since her delivery in July 2014.

For the Italian shipyard ISA Yachts, build quality has always been at the top of their priorities list. Their exclusive build schedule allowed for intensive man hours dedicated to finishing each yacht far above industry standards. The yard’s first 66 metre Granturismo project however has taken this philosophy a step further. Built for an experienced yachtsman and engineered by the skilled team at BMT Nigel Gee, once on board Okto, it becomes clear that this yacht is not only captivating to look at, but holds so much more than what meets the eye.

It is Andrea Vallicelli’s athletic and almost race car-like exterior that first grabs the attention. From the knife-blade bow running aft to the sleek sloping superstructure and down to the 6.5m x 4.7m pool on main deck aft, the French studio brilliantly realised the owner’s vision of a simple yet dynamic appearance. The use of curved shapes and slanted styling lines creates a sense of flow throughout the exterior guest areas and adds to the functional layout of the deck spaces that effortlessly flows into the lavish interior created by the late Alberto Pinto.

On bridge deck guests are offered a total of 80 square metres where options range from sunbathing, lazy lunches in the shade or, once the deck furniture has been rearranged, elegant evening entertaining with family and friends. This deck has been fitted with an advanced stereo system developed by Videoworks that creates the perfect environment for dancing the night away with a spectacular view in the background.

One deck above, a secluded sundeck area has been created without interrupting the sleek image of the yacht, and unless viewed from above, can easily be overlooked. Here one finds an intimate sunbathing area with a Jacuzzi – one of Okto’s two on board pool areas – and a private gym that is fitted with oversized windows and a skylight that creates a natural outdoor feeling allowing guests to continue their workout routines no matter the weather.

Forward of the wheelhouse on the foredeck is a touch and go helipad designed to accommodate a Europcopter EC135. This area is a perfect spot to experience Okto’s unique deck. Instead of utilizing high-maintenance natural teak, a light-coloured composite Esthec deck has been opted for. It is the pattern that the deck strips are laid in that makes this so special. Wide strips amidships gradually narrow in width outboard whilst the dividing sections of black caulking increases, creating an almost rhythmic sequence that adds another dimension to the exterior spaces. This deck also opens up to reveal one of the yacht’s tenders, a 6.6 metre Ski Nautique, and another MOB RIB, designed to be launched within minutes. Two additional tenders are located in the aft tender garage.

Guests are led down to the main deck aft via ISA Yacht’s characteristic sloping staircases outboard on either side of the vessel. From here, guests can seamlessly wander inside through the curved 5 metre-opening glass sliding doors – the largest of a kind ever installed on a yacht in Italy – into the lavish main saloon, designed by the late Alberto Pinto.

As one of his very lasts works before his passing in 2012, the French designer was given free reign to style and decorate Okto with a no-expense-spared approval by the owner. Having worked with the owner on his previous yacht, the iconic 82 metre Oceanco Alfa Nero, Pinto by now had a good idea of what his client appreciates. The same level of luxury, style and functionality would be incorporated into Okto, only in a condensed package.

He realised the lack of noise and vibration throughout the yacht would be key to receiving the owner’s stamp of approval and to ensure the comfort of every guest on board. The results not only ended with a satisfied owner, but benchmarks being raised for yachts in this class.

The design of the main deck was also of great importance to the Pinto team, who set out to reengineer how guests would use this space that is so often under used. A grand atmosphere is created by the use of polished and brushed metals, high lacquered surfaces and lavish upholstered furniture. The natural light flooding in through the expansive windows at the entrance from main deck aft and those running along the side of the lounge area, allowed Pinto to confidently make use of dark woods as paneling without the risk of creating a dark room environment. A natural satin finished wood floor adds a light touch to the otherwise high-class living environment.

Forward on the main deck, the full beam master suite offers no side portholes as one would normally find in this cabin arrangement, but instead a series of large skylights in the deckhead above are the source of natural light to the cabin, which can be shut completely when bed time comes (or left open to experience the starry night sky). When at anchor, a large terrace folds down with built in self-stowing handrails to create the ideal breakfast setup.

Moving aft through a corridor and adjacent to the master suite to starboard is a double bed cabin which can serve a multitude of roles as required. Fitted with a private study and a set of full height windows in the hull, this could easily be appointed as the VIP cabin. In another scenario, this could be set up as the kid’s cabin giving the parents easy access to the young ones who are never too far away.

Four additional guest cabins are located on the lower deck, each with en suite facilities and decorated in its own unique colour scheme, offering accommodation for a total of 11 guests.

Two levels above on the bridge deck is where the main on board entertainment space can be found. Here a cinema quality lounge is fitted with an advanced audio system and a 103-inch plasma TV for the ultimate cinematic experience on board.

As for her technical specifications, Okto excelled in her sea trials recalls Captain Gerard. Her calculated top speed of 18 knots was exceeded by nearly 1 knot; and this in a two metre sea state. Cruising at an economic speed of 13 knots, Okto is able to reach a transoceanic range of 6,800 nm powered by her two CAT 3512C engines.

Okto is currently located in the Caribbean, and is available for sale and charter through Fraser Yachts.

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