Meet L’Amage: The 190-Metre Superyacht Concept

We’re used to seeing some monster, envelope-pushing concepts from superyacht designers, but the 190-metre L’Amage is one of the largest we’ve ever seen. With an LOA that would make it by far the biggest superyacht ever built, the concept is the work of Hamid Bekradi of HBD Studios Yacht Styling in Milan. The project was developed with Christoph Kuhnert from the Yacht Naval Architects in Hamburg to ensure the project has what the design house calls “concept plausibility and technical feasibility”.

Key features of the exterior design of L’Amage are the inverted bow and the raised helideck forward, with two aerodynamic ‘wings’ either side. There are, of course, vast amounts of deck space for the guests to explore, including a main-deck infinity pool. A mezzanine deck below this includes a cozy balcony area with a fireplace. Three levels up from the main deck, the side decks converge into a circular balcony to create an observation deck.

Technological innovations include Codag propulsion (two diesels and two gas turbines), which will generate a projected 95,000hp and deliver a top speed of 32 knots. The yacht is expected to have a 6,000 nautical mile range at a sensible cruising speed. L’Amage will also incorporate Kymeta’s flat-panel satellite technology, which gets rid of satellite domes on top of the yacht, replacing them with flat receiver panels that can be installed behind the exterior walls of the superstructure. This frees up a significant amount of space on the sundeck, which has been used to create a rooftop lounge with a bar and sitting area, a dance floor and an infinity pool.

“This project was a challenge to see how far we can take the exterior styling of a superyacht towards a modern and futuristic look, which is still feasible based on today’s available technologies,” says Hamid Bekradi. “My background is in car design, so in this project I applied a similar approach to that of the show car.” HBD Studios is working on a 75-metre explorer-version of L’Amage for a client. “It will have the same exterior styling elements of L’Amage 190 with a modern and minimalist-style interiors,” the studio says.

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