Stanisław Skalski

26168860_758804520995323_1759301504556752011_n (1)

Stanisław Skalski (1915 – 2004) was a Polish fighter ace of the Polish Air Force in World War II, later rising to the rank of Brigadier General. Skalski was the top Polish fighter ace of the war and the first Allied fighter ace of the war, credited, according to official lists, with 18 11/12 victories and two probable. Some sources, including Skalski himself, give a number of 22 11/12 victories. In October 1942 he was given command of the Polish Fighting Team (PFT), or so-called “Skalski’s Circus” – a Special Flight consisting of fifteen experienced Polish fighter pilot volunteers. During its two months on operations, the Polish pilots had claimed a total of 26 German and Italian aircraft shot down.

Stanisław Skalski died in Warsaw on 12 November 2004.


POL Virtuti Militari Złoty BAR.svg Virtuti Militari, Golden Cross
Virtuti Militari Ribbon.png Virtuti Militari, Silver Cross
POL Krzyż Walecznych (1940) 4r BAR.PNG Cross of Valour (Poland), four times
POL Polonia Restituta Kawalerski BAR.svg Order of Polonia Restituta, Knight’s Cross
POL Order Krzyża Grunwaldu 3 Klasy BAR.svg Order of the Cross of Grunwald, 3rd class
Dso-ribbon.png Distinguished Service Order
UK DFC w 2bars BAR.svg Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom) and two bars
39-45 Star w BoB clasp BAR.svg 1939-1945 Star with Battle of Britain clasp
Italy Star BAR.svg Italy Starław_Skalski

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