The fifth-generation 2020 Supra — code-named A90 — has looks that will put even the bright-orange fourth-generation Fast and Furious movie car to shame.

Toyota made some big waves recently by announcing the rebirth of one of their most coveted sports cars, the Supra, which they’re bringing back after nearly two decades.  The sports car is one of Toyota’s most iconic models, thanks to a star-making turn in The Fast and the Furious. And while some folks were quite pleased with the announcement, others felt the unveiling fell a bit flat. We’re not sure exactly where Estonian digital designer Rain Prisk falls, but we do know he’s already taken the car to task and created this jaw-dropping 4×4 concept.

‘Insane’ might not be a powerful enough word to describe what Prisk has done here, completely overhauling the low-stance Japanese export into a lifted, all-terrain, off-road-ready panther of a car. And the redesign isn’t just a simple lift kit, as that wouldn’t really fit Prisk’s extremely detailed style. No, it’s also got a front-end winch, massive wheel arches to suit beefed-up tires, a step so you can climb in without jumping, a snorkel intake for fording deep water, and even a roof rack. It’s a shame that this beautiful monstrosity will likely never see the light of day, but we’re glad to have seen what could have been.

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