Hermès Has Teamed up With Bugatti for an Elegantly-Dressed One-Off Chiron

Hermès bugatti hypercar supercar custom racing chiron Manny Khoshbin

Taking three years to complete, the project paints the entire Chiron in an elegant white shade named Hermès Craie, unique to this commissioned one-off. The shade extends from the bodywork to the rear bumper to even the wheels and the interior, which is paired with Hermès leather and cashmere panels. The front grilles have been customized with the Parisian brand’s signature H monogram, while its iconic Courbettes horse motif graces the underside of the rear wing, visible when elevated.

It’s not the first time that Manny Khoshbin has collaborated with Hermes for a hypercar, but this is the latest addition to the hypercar-filled garage.

BUGATTI and Hermès have a long standing tradition. Ettore and Émile-Maurice Hermès had already collaborated in the 1920s. This tradition was revived in 2008 for the Veyron and now, eleven years later for a one off BUGATTI Chiron Hermes 1:1



The interior boasts a custom cashmere with the wing’s horse pattern on the door inserts and beneath the center controls. A one-of-one badge that reads “Dressed by Hermès” appears on the center stack., and more one-of-one labels are scattered throughout.

Hermès Courbettes Graphic with a series of rearing horses in wool and cashmere sheet for the interior. Originally offered on Hermès famous foulards and home fabrics, for the first time it is applied in a super sports car.
manny-khoshbin-s-bugatti-chiron-hermes-edition (2)manny-khoshbin-s-bugatti-chiron-hermes-edition (3)manny-khoshbin-s-bugatti-chiron-hermes-edition (5)
Powered by 1500 horses, rearing under the Chiron’s wing. @mannykhoshbin chose Hermès’ traditional Courbettes graphic for the underside of the airbrake.
manny-khoshbin-s-bugatti-chiron-hermes-edition (6)
manny-khoshbin-s-bugatti-chiron-hermes-edition (4).jpg

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