Say Hello To Weed-Beer, Which Will Finally Unite Stoners And Beer Lovers!

What is Cannabis Beer? – Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis-Infused Beer

The close relationship between cannabis and hops plants is well-known, but getting effective and repeatable results from a cannabis infusion in finished beer is still an emerging science but does Cannabis Beer actually get you high? What’s the difference between CBD-infused beer and THC-infused beers?

If we were to divide ‘getting high’ into two parts, it would clearly be ‘High on Alcohol’ and ‘High on Weed’. It is a known fact that the stoner crowd is a completely different one from the lads who like to spend their parties on pegs and the argument is a really strong one.

An interesting fact is that cannabis and hops (the main ingredient in beer) are related by nature? They are both members of the Cannabaceae plant family, which share distinctive features such as actinomorphic flowers (displaying radial symmetry) and short calyxes due to the fact that both are naturally pollinated by the wind.

Both plants share a long history of usage by mankind. There is great discussion about when the first beer was brewed, but archaeological reports suggest it could have been as long as 7000 years ago (in the region we now know as Iran). Strangely enough the history of the use of cannabis hemp as fiber can also be traced back to this region of the world as far back as 8000 BC.

Those two great traditions have officially collided in the Twenty First Century with the rising popularity of cannabis beers.  

Does Cannabis Beer actually get you high?

Yes and no. Whether or not cannabis beer gets you high is dependent on whether the beer is made/infused with THC or CBD. Cannabis beers made or infused with THC have the potential to get you high. Cannabis beers brewed/infused with CBD will not get you high, but will give you the “relaxing” sensation of cannabis.

Cannabis Beers brewed with the marijuana plant will contain THC and will provide the effects of a “very quick” high.

Edibles are a popular way to get high without actually smoking. Edibles usually come in the form of chocolates, gummies or baked goods that are made using THC to produce a “body high” upon consumption.

Body highs produce feelings of relaxation and lethargy. Head highs produce more mood-altering/energetic effects. Body highs are usually attained by ingesting cannabis as the THC enters the bloodstream through digestion… these highs typically take a while to begin whereas head highs (smoking) can have effects almost immediately.

A cannabis beer or cannabis-infused beer would produce a body high.

What are the Effects of THC-infused Beer?

This nano-technology is a big deal for cannabis-infused beverages and is designed to mimic the mood-enhancing effects of alcohol in a similar time-frame. While each product has its own signature recipe and each of us has our own tolerance level, you can generally expect to feel an elevated mood in about 15 minutes and the effects wear off in about 90 minutes. So while you may not get drunk off of these beers, you will get jolly. 

Final Thoughts

While cannabis-infused beer may not be exactly like the real thing, it is pretty dam close and it will get you high. So what’s not to love? As the market continues to grow and more of our favorite breweries hop on board the cannabis train, it can only bring positive things to the realm of weed. We hope this guide answered all of your immediate pressing questions and helped guide you to weed beer success.


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