Peaky Blinders Hairstyles and 1920s Fashion


Peaky Blinders has created an impressive name for itself, competing with some of the big boys including Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Being as influential as they are, this style guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to recreate the boys’ hairstyles.

One of our favourite aspects of the show is the 1920s hairstyles and the Peaky Blinders fashion. From the flat caps to the hairstyles, we love how the Birmingham boys present themselves. This style guide will focus on their hair, so read on to learn for yourself how to recreate the Peaky Blinders haircut.

Tom Shelby Haircut

Let’s start with the head of the family, Tom Shelby. Played by Cillian Murphy, Tom Shelby’s hair was not only trending back in the 1920s but is also incredibly popular now. In fact, many things aired in these kinds of shows make their way back to the limelight, including the flat cap which is reported to have risen in sales by 85% since the show came to our screens. Anyway, back to the hair.

Tom Shelby’s hair is a short cropped style, with shaved back and sides and a short textured top. The sides aren’t shaved down to the skin but instead leaves enough to give the head a full coverage. The length of hair on the top is styled forwards, coming down over and across the forehead.

Tom Shelby’s Hairstyle 

Get The Look

This style is so easy to re-create, just make sure you have the right face shape for it. Cillian Murphy is known for his pronounced high cheekbones which is the right kind of face shape to rock this lid with. Obviously, we aren’t all blessed with these cheekbones, however, our faces don’t have to be this defined – any cheekbones or oval face-shapes will do.

To achieve this look, you’ll need to go to the barbers and ask for about a number two on the back and sides. Get the top cut short enough that it doesn’t fall down the sides, but long enough to add some product in it to give it texture. Brush the top forward so that it gives almost a fringe – the amount of fringe you choose is up to you. Tom Shelby tends to push his to the side giving a side fringe effect, but if a full crop fringe is more you, go for it.


Arthur Shelby Haircut

Where Tom Shelby styles his hair pushed forwards, Arthur Shelby, played by Paul Anderson, likes his hair slicked right back, and again, this is a popular hairstyle today. Like Tom Shelby’s hairdo, Arthur’s is shaved short on the back and sides. Do you want to know a fun fact? People back in the 1920s shaved the sides and backs of their hair to prevent them from getting nits and lice. Nowadays, people shave for style purposes, but if the shoe fits…

Arthur’s hair is shaved back a lot shorter than Tom Shelby’s, but the top of his hair is longer and straight instead of curly. This slicked-back style is easy to achieve.

Arthur Shelby Hair Cut 

Get The Look

To get this look, you’ll need to shave your back and sides to a grade zero. Make sure the top of your hair stays pretty long so that you can slick it back the whole way. You’ll need a fair amount of wax or pomade to complete this look. You can either blow dry it back after you’ve washed it (or wet it) which will help it keep its shape, or you can use a product.

Take a small amount of product, be it was or pomade, and warm it up in your hands. This will make it smoother to add to your hair. Run the product through your hair with your fingertips, trying to make sure you get it all covered. Then use a comb and comb back your hair into shape, making sure the product runs all the way through. Always start with less product and build it up if you need more. The overall finish should hold your hair firm, but it shouldn’t go hard.


John Shelby Haircut

John Shelby’s hair is almost a combination of Tom and Arthur Shelbys’ styles. His hair is completely shaved off on the sides, but the top of his hair isn’t as long as Arthur’s, although it is still straight. All three of these haircuts used to be styled this way as they were easy to wear with a hat, which, if you watch Peaky Blinders, you’ll know is an absolute staple for them.

These styles are also tidy and easy to maintain. If you want to go for this look now, you’ll have to keep on top of shaving the sides and backs of your head so that it doesn’t become untidy. John Shelby, played by Joe Cole, pulls off this look effortlessly.

John Shelby’s Hair 

Get The Look

To ace John Shelby’s hairstyle, you’ll need to get the back and sides of your head shaved off. If possible, leave a little bit of hair so that there is still some colour, but it will need to be very short. You’ll need to keep a bit of length on the top, but not too much that it starts to curl or falls down on your face. The trick to John’s hair is that it is that perfect length to stay where it is with little or no product, but still flops over.

If you were to use a product to get this look, use a light wax or pomade and go with the same technique as Arthur’s hair. However, don’t use as much on this look, as John’s hair doesn’t have that same slicked back, shiny style as Arthur’s.


Michael Gray Haircut

Here’s another fun fact for you. Michael Gray, played by Finn Cole, is the cousin of the Shelby boys in Peaky Blinders. Finn Cole is also Joe Cole’s (who plays John Shelby) younger brother in real life. How fun was that?

Michael Gray’s hairstyle is probably the most formal of the Peaky Blinders’ hairdos. His hair is slightly longer on the sides and floppier at the top, with less visible product holding it together. This style is the most transferable to everyday life – it easily matches any casual and smart outfits. This is a suave hairstyle that is so common nowadays. Unlike the other Peaky Blinders’ haircuts, this one is much more formal and it suits everyday life. Here, we see Michael Gray wear his Peaky Blinders Suit which goes perfectly with the do.

Michael Gray’s Hairstyle 

Get The Look

To achieve this look, you need to allow your hair to grow on the sides. There is still a bit of shave action going on to fade the bottom of the hair, but other than that, it’s all kept a pretty consistent length. Michael Gray has a slight curl in his hair, but unlike Tommy’s, the curl isn’t textured – it’s quite styled and smooth.

This will mean you’ll require some heat to perfect the curl (unless your hair is naturally curly). A round brush will work best for this as it will grab the hair allowing you to dry it easily from all the angles. Add some hairspray or another light product to finish the look – a wax might weight down the curl too much, losing definition. Make sure you keep this style brushed a looking smooth.


Alfie Solomons Haircut

This haircut is all about the beard, and we all know how well Tom Hardy can grow a beard. Beards come and go in trend – sometimes it’s all about the fresh shave, and other times, the bigger the beard the better. Right now, a beard is good. However, Alife Solomons beard is quite full-on – we much prefer a neat, tidy and groomed beard, which is why we stock a whole load of products to help you shape and treat it.

Alfie Solomons has quite a full head of hair. The sides are shaved down but meets the beard, creating a frame for the face. This is a good hairstyle to go for if you have a rounder face as the beard will elongate it. When you have a full beard like this, always try to join your head hair to your facial hair for a cleaner finish.

Alfie Solomons Hairstyle 

Get The Look

You’ll need to be able to grow an impressive beard to pull off this look. If you’re still patchy, wait a few years and try again. Tom Hardy sports a pretty rough and ready beard (not just in Peaky Blinders), but we recommend you go for one that’s a bit more tamed. There are plenty of beard grooming kits that will help you cut down and shape your beard, but you can also go to a barber if you need help with this.

To keep your beard healthy, it’s important to wash it as well as your head of hair. There are also beard exfoliators and oils which will keep it smooth and reduce flyaways. Finally, invest in a beard comb or brush. You’ll be amazed at how often these will come in handy, especially when your beard gets bigger. If knots keep occurring, use a leave-in beard conditioner and comb to ease them out, or sleep with a nourishing beard mask in. Keeping your beard healthy is just as important as keeping your hair healthy.


How To Nail The Peaky Blinders Hairstyles

  • Tom Shelby’s hair is shaved short to bout a grade two on the sides. The top of his hair is long enough to be pushed back and given texture using a product. It’s up to you whether you go for a pushed forward fringe or side fringe.
  • Arthur Shelby has a much more polished look, with his sides shaved completely and the top of his hair long and slicked back. Use a wax or pomade to complete this look and work it back with a comb.
  • John Shelby’s hair is a happy medium between the aforementioned. The sides are shaved off but and the top is textured, just not as long as Arthur’s.
  • Michael Gray has the more formal hairstyle of them all. This is achieved by having the same length back and sides and combing it neatly backwards. Finish off the bottom of the hair with a fade.
  • Alfie Solomons sports one hell of a beard. Make sure you’re able to grow a beard before you commit to this style. There are plenty of shaping and smoothing products to make sure your beard remains healthy, neat and clean.


14 Men’s Grooming Habits That Women Hate

Here’s the thing. From a female’s perspective, male grooming tends to come in wild extremes. There’s the guy who uses a dried-out bar of soap on his face every few days (or at least on special occasions, anyway). And then there’s the guy who forces you to keep a padlock on your bathroom cabinet to stop him pinching your expensive moisturizer (“Yes, it really is £115 for that pot and oh my god you have a £30-worth dollop in your hands right now”).
We can’t decide which one is more annoying, but what we do know is that the preener is on the rise. Men are spending more time and money on grooming than ever before, with the industry set to hit $60.7bn (£44.8bn) by 2020, according to Euromonitor.
Groom too much and we get bathroom angst. Groom too little and we complain that you smell like a post-match changing room. To avoid getting up your other half’s nose (in every sense), these are the grooming habits that irk women the most and how to fix them, pronto.

The Reality TV Tan

We’ve all been a failed faker at some point – so trust us, we can spot the signs. Reaching for the bottle isn’t the problem here (according to tanning brand Fake Bake, half of all men do), but verging into satsuma territory and leaving tidemarks on your tees (and our bedsheets) is where we draw the line.
“The best fake tan looks real,” says Jules Von Hep, global tanning director for Tan Luxe. “Self-tan should not make you look like David Dickinson. Nor should it be detectable.”
Orange palms aside (come on guys, use a mitt), one of the biggest giveaways is stubble stainage. “At-home tans are thicker and therefore stick to hair,” says celebrity spray tanner James Harknet, who counts David Gandy as one of his clients. “To avoid this, put a small amount of Vaseline on the hair before applying the tan, then brush away any residue with a beard brush after.”

Preening Below The Belt

So prevalent is manscaping right now that there are even names for different styles of ‘tidying’ down there (tip: don’t Google ‘Boyzillian’). According to men’s grooming brand Men-ü, around 40 per cent of under 35s regularly shave/trim their sensitive areas, but joining the zero-to-barely-there pube club could be more of a turn-off than a turn-on.
“The manscaping arena has advanced way beyond taking a razor into the shower with you,” says Glamour magazine’s Gemma Askham. “There are now male-focused waxes, pube oils and levels of trimming beyond the all-off approach.”
We fully appreciate the deforestation efforts, we really do, but unless you learn to do so without us having to see wiry stubble regrowth or a yam bag with a rash, leave the freshly waxed nether regions at the door, please.

Scent Overload

Sorry to break it to you, but those body spray ads lied to you. It’s not possible to gas a woman into following you home from the no.22 bus stop (particularly asthmatic ones). Avoid death by eau de toilette by rationing your spritzing game so your date can breathe.
“Always make sure you’re wearing the fragrance, not the other way around,” says Lewis Peacock from cosmetics giant Coty, which manufactures for the likes of Calvin Klein and Davidoff. “Three or four good sprays is a good marker and should last all day.”
It’s also worth adjusting the type of scent you wear to the occasion, too. Heading for dinner? Peacock recommends swapping ouds and other heavy musks for a more subtle floral fragrance, scenting only your clothes or a scarf.

Sandpaper Skin

Newsflash: moisturising on Christmas, birthdays and the first day of football season is not enough to keep your skin in check. Nobody likes a bathroom hogger, but daily moisturising with a built-in SPF to fight the damaging effects of UV rays keeps rough-as-velcro faces at bay.
“I’m consistently amazed by how many men use harsh soap on their face and fail to moisturize. Hello dry, red and irritated skin,” says Dr Justine Hextall, a consultant dermatologist at The Harley Medical Group. “Men tend to dislike any sticky residue on their skin, so I often recommend lotions that absorb easily to leave skin smooth, but not greasy.”
Of course, using the wrong moisturiser (i.e. ours) is almost as bad as using none at all. So take time to seek out a face-saving solution that’s tailored to your skin type.

An Overly Attentive Brow Game

Nothing gives a woman rage like a boy who has a better brow game than her. It’s taken us years to get these arches on point, so we don’t need any extra competition from the 45 per cent of men who regularly take to trimming their eyebrows, according to Men-ü.
“Sculpt abs, not brows,” says eyebrow guru Nilam Holmes. “An over-plucked, over-pencilled brow really just stops being a man brow.” That’s not to say they should be left to grow into a dense forest thicket. “If you need to tweak, splitting a monobrow into two separate brows is a good start – but only a small gap no wider than your thumb.”
Kicking rogue hairs that extend beyond the natural browline into touch (either by tweezing or getting in the chair from some threading) is also advisable, but stop short of attempting to alter the shape. No, it won’t make your eyes ‘pop’.

Furry Backs

Body hair is as divisive among women as Marmite on toast. Some love a smooth torso, others prefer it furry, but a hairy back is where every girl draws the line.
Even if you only have a few stray hairs rather than a full shag pile carpet going on back there, choose your weapon (laser, wax, scythe) and get it sorted.
“Back waxing is probably the least painful body part for a guy,” reassures Kim Lawless aka The Wax Queen. “It should keep you super-smooth for a couple of weeks. Some guys use hair dissolving creams, but it’s similar to shaving in that it can grow back stubbly – and quickly. Not a hit with the chicks (swipe left).”

Wizard Beards

There’s only one guy with an overgrown beard that women welcome with open arms and that’s Santa Claus. The least favourite facial hair among women according to a MyAesthetics survey, the Gandalf look is one that needs to get the chop.
“Every beard needs consistent maintenance to keep whiskers in check,” says Tom Chapman, founder of suicide awareness group The Lions Barber Collective and ambassador of grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge.
As well as visiting your barber at least once every six weeks to keep your beard length on-point, Chapman advises regular at-home upkeep. “You don’t need to wash a beard too often – maybe once a week – and don’t be afraid to condition it too.”

Overgrown Nails

There are a handful things that women will always, always secretly check out on a guy: 1) his shoes and 2) his nails. If we bolt in the other direction, check that yours aren’t so overgrown that they could rival Rihanna’s acrylics. Ick.
“Nobody likes to see a man with grubby or unkempt nails,” says podiatrist Margaret Dabbs. “Keep your nails neatly clipped, short and clean, and invest in a good quality crystal nail file to neaten when needed.”
And this doesn’t just apply to your hands, those hooves need to be kept handsome too. “But be careful not to go too short on toenails, as this can lead to problems like ingrown nails. Always cut or file the nail straight across and soften the edges if you need to,” adds Dabbs.

A Carpet Of Beard Trimmings

Up there with peeing on the seat, wayward beard trimmings are every women’s (recurring) worst bathroom enemy. The zen of brushing your teeth at a sparkling white sink is instantly lost when it looks like you’ve had a scrap with a tub of iron filings. And lost.
“It’s a given that when trimming facial hair, you’re going to need to clean up afterwards – not just the sink but the appliance,” says Panasonic grooming category manager Ian Griffiths. “If your beard trimmer or shaver is waterproof, one way to avoid the mess is to take the entire process into the shower.”
If you’re convinced your eagled-eyed other half will spot a rogue whisker on the grouting, consider investing in a new piece of kit that mitigates the risk. Panasonic’s ES-LV95 model features a self-cleaning function, while the Philips Beardtrimmer series 7000 comes packing a built-in vacuum.

The Combover

We understand that losing your hair is a sore point, but given the choice we will always take a manly Jason Statham head over a trying-to-disguise-a-bald-bit combover. Because nobody should ever have to share a hairstyle with Donald Trump.
“A good haircut will not require a combover,” says Hughes from Men-ü. “If going thin on top, a cut using square layering to the side to build a corner, leaving length on top, will shift the focus. If it’s a strategic trim or re-style, we encourage men to have a cut rather than use clippers.”
If styling out your strands doesn’t work, consider embracing the bald. It worked for The Rock, and who doesn’t want to be like The Rock?

Stealing Our Products

There’s a special place in the Inferno (in the corner, right next to a radiator) reserved for guys who comment on how much we women spend on products, then spend the rest of the month using them.
Not only do you smell like a strawberry shortcake (not cute), you’re also probably doing more harm than good. “When guys steal female products, they often aren’t thinking about the intended use,” says Jaymarie Winkler from award-winning barbers Ruffians. “Take shampoo, for example: if you have thick hair, the last thing you want to do is slather on a thickening treatment.”
The same goes for other products. Men’s skin is around 25 per cent thicker than women’s, so our exfoliator will probably do sweet FA to your face. To put it nicely: treat yourself to some grooming products that will benefit your regime. To put it bluntly: cut it out, or we’ll start filling a decoy shampoo with hair removal cream.

Body Odor

Sweat dripping down a ripped torso in fashion campaigns really gets us going. But skip the morning shower and it’ll mix with the bacteria that clings to body hair to create an unholy waft that’s a total deal-breaker.
“There’s sometimes a genetic link to excessive sweating but you help combat B.O with a good routine,” says Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. “Use a pH-balanced shower gel (heavily perfumed products can alter the skin’s pH and make the problem worse), wear an aluminium-based deodorant to help reduce sweating, and finally, stick to loose-fitting natural fibres.”
As well as waving goodbye to that skin-tight, acrylic rollneck, consider wearing a breathable cotton T-shirt under your work shirt (heather grey works best) and keep a spare in your desk drawer along with a fresh pair of socks.

Frozen Faces

Cosmetic surgery, whether for medical or aesthetic reasons, is a decision that every man must make on his own merits. But it’s a lot like tanning (just, you know, with a lot sharper objects) in that it looks better done subtly.
To save going OTT with the Harley Street-inspired tweaks, aim to keep your expression crinkles and laughter lines, says cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mervyn Patterson. “Weird elevations of the brows can be a sure-fire indicator that Botox hasn’t been done correctly for the male face. It’s important guys seek out skilled practitioners who are experienced in treating men so that any improvements are under the radar. It should be ‘You look well’, not ‘What have you had done?!’.”
Plus, secretly we like seeing your furrowed brow when we tell you off about those beard trimmings (again).

Taking Up The Whole Bathroom

We get it; you’ve discovered the grooming aisle at the supermarket, but you didn’t have to bring the entire thing home with you. Do you even know what a toner does? And what could you possibly need three trimmers for? Actually, don’t tell us.
“These days it’s not uncommon for men to have the same amount of products as women when you add up shaving kit, hair products and the different lotions marketed for day and night,” says Winkler, “but everything should be fit for purpose.”
That means only buying products that are right for you (not because they’re in a cool bottle) and throwing away anything that isn’t (yes, even if it is in a cool bottle).

Do women like or loathe men with body hair?

Body hair removal used to be a totally taboo topic for guys, but now it seems like modern day men are grooming just as much as we are. Um, what’s up with that?

According to a recent study conducted by the folks over at Gillette, a whopping 73 percent of men have either trimmed or shaved some part of their body before, while 84 percent of men who currently shave at least one body part confess to breaking out the razor year-round. In this day and age, let’s just say we’re definitely not shocked.


Is it weird when guys shave their legs?

The hair-raising truth

The verdict: Unless you’re a pro athlete, just don’t.

To manscape or not to manscape… down there?

The hair-raising truth

The verdict: Do it!  Just don’t shave it all off — a trim is good.

 Is it “girly” if a guy cleans up his eyebrows?

The hair-raising truth

The verdict: Not at all. Please keep it natural though. Your brows should never look more perfect than ours. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask us for help.

 How much chest hair is too much chest hair?

The hair-raising truth

The verdict: Depends on the girl. Super-duper hairy, however, isn’t hot. Before you shave it all off though, check in with your girl first (some like the shaved look, while others don’t).

 Back hair: Is it a deal breaker?

The hair-raising truth

The verdict: No, but please let us help you get rid of it ASAP.

 Would it be weird if a guy shaved his armpits?

The hair-raising truth

The verdict: Yes. Trims are cool.

Never shave with a dull razor blade again.

We have teamed up with the Legends at The Bearded Colonel to bring you Their newest Razor

A better way to shave


Shaving shouldn’t be a chore; you should look forward to your morning shaving routine. That means no more shaving with a dull blade because you’ve run out, no more queuing during last-minute trips for fresh blades, and no more overpaying for Chinese-made razors. With the Bearded Colonel, you’ll get fresh blades regularly delivered, at a fair price. They’ll fit through your letterbox so you’ll always get them.

A better razor


Their razors are made in Germany by a company with a reputation for quality. Nearly a century ago, our partner started manufacturing premium straight razors for Europe’s top barbers. Today, they’re still making some of the world’s best blades.

How it works

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If you shave every day or only a few times a week, you can choose the right plan for you. Manage everything easily from your account.

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Fresh blades will be delivered to your door, hassle-free, like clockwork. Stay with us as long as you like, there are no contracts or commitments.

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Meet the razor


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The Rolls Royce of razors and unique to our German partners. With an inverted bevel like a barber’s straight razor; this blade is the sharpest you can get, while the inverted arches ensure strength. Thanks to German precision, you’ll get that extra smooth shave over and over.

Ours  v   Competitors Blades

The 15 Most Astounding Images from the 2015 World Beard & Moustache Competition


Masculine hair grooming been a hot topic in 2015, whether we’re talking beardstaches, man buns or more. But one bewhiskered group remains a Rock of Gibraltar — a bearded Rock of Gibraltar — offering constancy and follicle solidarity as trends rise and fall. The competitors in the World Beard & Moustache Championships are men dedicated to the art and tradition of cultivating facial hair that’s both traditional and decidedly non-traditional.

Competing in 17 categories from Imperial Moustache to Goatee Freestyle to Musketeer, a global collection of beardsmen, as they call themselves, assembled in Austria in October to face off. Theofficial results and rankings haven’t yet been released, but those hailing from the United States did particularly well against the favored Germans. The first championship took place in Germany in 1990; the next world meetup happens in Austin, Texas, in September 2017, while Antwerp, Belgium, does the honors in 2019.

To stave off the suspense of waiting for the rankings, peruse these images from the 2015 competition, many of which come from the flamboyant Full Beard Freestyle category. We were impressed. We think you will be, too.



h7NGppjK-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 z1bcGde5-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 kzYkxVll-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 v3f9mQyT-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 zo3Hyebo-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 nIhnX8cl-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 UObo376g-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 C0AN69HL-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 Ce2sT4yn-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 SLYPeuni-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 mwgITMkD-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-427 fqg1rLFq-weirdbeard_JanHetfleischGettyImages_jpg-640-960

How to Get Your Beard Ready for Winter

Growing a beard takes time and perseverance, and your efforts can become quickly eroded during harsh weather conditions. Therefore, if you want your beard to remain healthy all year, it is best to follow a few simple winterizing tips that will help you prevent ending up with brittle and broken facial hair. In fact, a short daily routine that includes beard oil can give your beard an enhanced appearance, and it will also protect your facial hair from the ravages of a cold and dry climate.

StepsClean your beard properly.

Your hygiene routine needs to include cleaning your face and beard. Some people can get away with washing their beard only twice per week, but you might need to do it daily, depending on how dirty it gets. Either way, wash your face daily and always rinse your beard every day.

Make sure to apply a beard wash that does not contain any known skin irritants. Harsh sulphates are one of the most common irritants, especially for sensitive facial skin.

Steer clear of most silicones. This will help you to avoid having long-term problems, such as breakage due to a lack of nutrients. There are many ingredients that indicate the presence of potentially damaging silicones, including Trimethylsilylamodimetheicone, Amodimethicon, Cyclopentasiloxane, Stearoxy Dimethicone and Phenyl Trimethicone.

Dry your beard hair thoroughly. After you finish washing your face and beard, remove as much of the water from your beard as possible. Dry off your face completely––keep a clean towel on hand to accomplish this step.

It is safe to use a beard wash that is made with water-soluble silicone instead. If you see the following ingredients listed in place of harsher alternatives, you can utilize the beard wash without exposing your skin to the most well-known irritants: Lauryl Methicone Copolyol, Hydroxypropyl Polysiloxane and Dimethicone Copolyol. However, choosing a beard wash product that does not contain any silicone is still preferable for the health of your facial hair.

Part 1 of 2: Grooming Your Beard

Brush or comb out your beard after grooming it, every single time. This will help remove any extra dead skin follicles.
Apply beard oil. Invest in a good beard oil. As with the beard wash, get a beard oil with quality ingredients.
Put a few drops of beard oil on your skin daily. Work the oil into your beard. Doing this slowly will give you the best results. Beard oil helps to condition your facial hair, and it will help it to grow stronger and softer. A good starter beard oil to try out is any unscented beard oil until you find out how well the skin on your face is going to tolerate winter conditions and your new facial hair. For example, Lumberjack’s Beard Oil carries an oil called Unscented Blend that has ingredients like sweet almond oil and Vitamin E, but no harsh chemicals.
Add a touch of moustache wax. Your skin needs to stay hydrated during the winter. If you add just a touch of moustache wax to your normal beard oil routine, you will help your beard stay more moisturised and protected from the elements.

Part 2 of 2: Maintaining Your Beard

Avoid snow and ice.

 Allowing your beard to become wet from snow, ice or freezing rain can cause it to dry out. Due to this possibility, you should always protect your beard as much as possible with a scarf.
 Utilize humidity.If your beard does become wet, it is important to wipe off the water right away. Make sure that you never allow ice or snow to remain in your facial hair for an extended period of time.Visit a sauna. The steam from your gym’s sauna will keep your facial hair and skin moisturized.  Get a humidifier. If the humidity levels in your home are low, hook up a humidifier to make sure that your beard stays hydrated.

Science Explains Why a Beard Makes You Look Hotter



The next Movember, which is also known as No-Shave November, is still several months away. However, this does not mean that you should switch to a clean-shaven look, especially if you are interested in attracting the attention of a potential mate.

A scientific study conducted by the Official Journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society also indicated that specific types of facial hair have a major impact on how others perceive individuals with a beard.

Therefore, depending on your personal preferences, you might want to grow a yeard or stick with thick stubble.

So what type of beard is right for your lifestyle? That depends on which qualities you want to be associated with:Most Attractive – Female participants in studies that have analyzed male facial hair have rated heavy stubble as the most attractive look. Men equally enjoyed the appearance of heavy stubble or a full beard. Healthiest – Men and women indicated that men who have a full beard appear to be healthier than those without any type of facial hair.

Best Parenting Skills – This was another category that both genders ascribed to men who maintain a full beard.

Masculinity – The perception of a man’s masculinity increases with the amount of facial hair that he has. So if you want to be seen as a highly masculine individual, you should consider cultivating a full beard.

Men who are clean-shaven or who have a light amount of stubble were rated as being the least attractive by women and men

Additionally, it is interesting to note that a heterosexual woman’s interest in masculine looking men becomes more pronounced during the ovulation portion of her fertility cycle. In other words, if you and your female spouse or partner have been trying to conceive or are dealing with intimacy issues, it could be beneficial to grow your facial hair out.


After all, increasing your level of attractiveness in your partner’s eyes is definitely a good way to boost their sex drive.

There are also scientifically proven health benefits associated with having a beard. According to researchers from the University of Southern Queensland, beards are able to block up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and this will reduce your risk of contracting skin cancer.

Men who suffer from asthma could experience some relief from symptoms by growing a beard because this will help prevent dust and pollen from getting into their respiratory system. As an added bonus, a full beard will keep your skin looking healthier and more youthful.

It sounds like it is time to toss out your razors, gentlemen, but make sure that you take steps to keep your beard in good shape so that you can look your best!


Why Do Some Non-Ginger Guys Have Ginger Beards?


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If you have ever found yourself stroking your beard and wondering ‘why all the red patches?’ then you have your chromosome 4 to thank.

Males aged 18 to 60 have been hit by an epidemic of beard growing over the past two years or so. Experts have underestimated how long it will continue to rage, although if current trends continue, all young urban media professionals will be affected by 2017 (probably).

As more guys jump onto the hairy bandwagon, you’ve probably asked yourself, why are so many beards ginger even if their hair is dark? Even if they don’t have a redhead in the family?

Perplexed by the question, Adriaan Schiphorst from Motherboard called up Petra Haak-Bloem from Erfocentrum, a Dutch organisation that promotes genetics and awareness of genetic disorders, to get the answers.

She told him it’s all down to the MC1R-gene. The gene coding for hair colour is called “incomplete dominant hereditary traits,” meaning hair color isn’t as simple as one gene coding for one color of hair. The genes can be expressed differently in different areas of your body, like your head, beard, eyebrows or pubes.

Haak-Bloem explained that it’s all to do with the genes that code for the amount of different pigments, called melanin, in your hair. She explained that hair color is dependent on two of these pigments: eumelanin, the black pigment, and pheomelanin, a red pigment.

She added: “More than a decade ago, researchers discovered that one gene (MC1R) on chromosome 16 plays an important part in giving people red hair. MC1R’s task is making a protein called melanocortin 1. That protein plays an important part in converting pheolmelanine into eumelanine.

“When someone inherits two mutated versions of the MC1R-gene (one from each parent), less pheomelanine is converted into eumelanine. The [pheomelanine] accumulates in the pigment cells and the person ends up with red hair and fair skin.”

Haak-Bloem also said that if you only inherited one of these mutated genes, red hair can appear in sporadic places because of the variety of ways the gene can be expressed.

So, there you have it. That odd ginger beard in your family isn’t just the product of extramarital activity with a crimson-locked lothario.

Beard Hair 

Beard hair is quite different to head hair; it is coarser, curlier and doesn’t fall out as we get older. Comparatively little work has been done on the genetics of human hair colour, but it is believed that in order to have a ginger beard you must be a carrier for the recessive gene on chromosome 4. With two copies of this gene you will have ginger hair all over, but with just one, the hair on your head will be brown or auburn and your beard will be ginger.

Why is Facial hair thicker then head hair

The hair on your face, along with most of your body hair, is androgenic hair. Essentially when you go through puberty the hormones your body begins to produce can bind to cellular receptors triggering a series of biochemical steps that ultimately activate a specific set of genes. Some of these genes are very similar or identical to the ones that produce head hair like the genes for ubiquitous proteins like collagen. Others are specific for the hair on your face. For example, some regulate the growth patterns which explains why facial hair typically can’t grow as long. Others control how thick each individual hair fiber becomes, and the specific protein composition which influence strength and thickness. These hormonally derived differences in gene activation are ultimately what dictate the differences you see and feel in the different hair types.

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How much is too much when it comes to Aftershave ?


Wearing cologne or aftershave can help you feel more masculine, but there’s an art to applying it. Mastering that art means knowing that “wearing cologne” doesn’t equal “bathing in it.” While ladies are attracted to a good-smelling man, someone who’s doused himself in cologne can be a turn-off, no matter how good looking he is. Too much fragrance can also be irritating in other ways: Co-workers will start avoiding the person they can smell from the hallway, and your buddies won’t want to be stuck in a car with you on road trips. Sometimes it’s actually harmful to people’s health as well: Excessive amounts of fragrance can even trigger migraines or cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions in some people.

Whatever you do, don’t try to use it as a substitute for soap. Nothing can mask bad hygiene, and people will quickly smell the funk you’re trying to cover up. Cologne should also complement the scents in your soap and shampoo.

Compared to perfume, cologne is one of the lighter types of fragrances in terms of the concentration and strength of the aromatic oils it contains. However, colognes can still have heavier, long-lasting scents. When applying, dab a little onto your neck, just above your collarbone and the pulse points on your wrist. Let your body heat trigger the scent. If you’re really afraid of overdoing it, spray one spritz in the air above you and walk through the mist it creates so that the scent is more evenly distributed. If you can’t smell it on you right after you put it on, don’t just add more. It can take a good 15 minutes for the scent to really sink in and react with your chemical makeup.

Also be aware of the type of scent you’re wearing for the type of day. During the day, it’s better to wear a lighter, more citrus-smelling fragrance. In the evening, you can bring out a heavier, muskier cologne. Be careful when applying spicier fragrances though, because they can get stronger the longer you wear them. A little can truly go a long way.

If you’re still figuring out how much is enough, and you’ve accidentally erred on the side of too much, you can tone down the scent. Take some baking soda and add enough water to turn it into a paste. Then rub it over the area where you put on the cologne and rinse. You should smell a little better — and hopefully will have learned a lesson as well.

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