Flying Flipper’s Superfly GT 42

Flying Flipper, a Scandinavian boatbuilder with a memorable name, launched its Superfly GT 42 recently at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

The 42-foot-8-inch, high-performance vessel has power options ranging from twin 400 hp Mercury outboards up to triple 627 hp Seven Marines that should have this boat absolutely well, flying, through the water.

Superfly GT 42, Flying Flipper, RED Yacht Design

The boat’s cockpit has a table for alfresco dining that rises and lowers at the push of a button.

Courtesy Flying Flipper

Flying Flipper collaborated with Turkey-based RED Yacht Design and boat racer Sigurd Isaacson to create a sleek vessel with an air-step racing hull, for extra cushioning and control when she really gets up and goes.

The company also managed to incorporate lots of carbon fiber into the build to maximize strength while keeping weight down. Two cabins, forward and aft, down below make this boat able to handle overnights, but where we think she will really succeed is as a fast, sporty dayboat perfect for making a run to your favorite sandbar.

Superfly GT 42, Flying Flipper, RED Yacht Design

The dayboat’s salon and galley area has a carbon fiber countertop and table.

Courtesy Flying Flipper

Superfly GT 42, Flying Flipper, RED Yacht Design

The Superfly GT 42 has a double-berth master stateroom aft and a guest stateroom with two twin berths forward.

Courtesy Flying Flipper


World’s Largest Yachts

There are big yachts, and then there are megayachts. Check out the top 10 largest luxury yachts in the world.

10. Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Rising Sun: 452′ LOA

Courtesy Lürssen

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Everyone loves a good rivalry story. In the case of the 452-foot Rising Sun, launched in 2004, her story is about Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. These guys have been competing for years. When Allen ordered the 416-foot superyacht Octopus from the Lürsson yard in Germany, Ellison then placed an order for the 452-foot Rising Sun, which became the second-largest private yacht when he extended the hull from 387 feet during construction.

9. Al Salamah

Al Salamah

Al Salamah: 457′ LOA

Courtesy Lürssen

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Coming in at number 9 is another Lürssen build, the 457-foot Al SalamahAl Salamah was delivered in 1999 and then returned to Lürssen in 2007 for a refit. She is reportedly owned by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia.

8. Yas


Yas: 462’7″ LOA

Courtesy Royal Netherlands Navy

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Yas was launched by the shipyard Abu Dhabi MAR in 2011 and measures 462 feet, 7 inches. Yas is a complete rebuild of a 1978 steel-hulled navy frigate of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

7. El Horriya

El Horriya

El Horriya: 478′ LOA

Frederick K. Larkin via Flikr

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The oldest yacht in our top 10 list by far, the 478-foot El Horriya was originally built in 1865 as a royal yacht for the Khedive of Egypt. In her many years El Horriyahas had a number of refits, including two extensions. She is now under the care of the Egyptian Navy but seldom sailed in her role as Presidential Yacht.

6. Prince Abdulaziz

Prince Abdulaziz

Prince Abdulaziz: 482’4″

Courtesy Helsingør Værft

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Danish yard Helsingør Værft built Prince Abdulaziz in 1984 for the Saudi royal family. At 482 feet 4 inches, Prince Abdulaziz comes in as the 6th largest luxury yacht in the world and reportedly includes a mosque, movie theater and a fully equipped hospital.

5. Topaz


Topaz: 483’2″ LOA

Courtesy Lürssen

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Lürssen sure keeps busy building massive superyachts. Just 10 inches longer than Prince AbdulazizTopaz comes in at number 5 with a length overall of 483 feet 2 inches.

4. Al Said

Al Said

Al Said: 508’6″ LOA

Courtesy Lürssen

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In case you didn’t notice, she has a helipad. And what you can’t see? Accommodations for 65 guests (plus a reported crew of 150), a movie theater and a concert hall for when your favorite orchestra swings by for a visit. Number 4 on the list of world’s largest luxury yachts is Al Saïd, yet another build by Lürssen. Al Saïd measures 508 feet 6 inches and was launched in 2008.

3. Dubai


Dubai: 531’6″ LOA

Courtesy Blohm + Voss

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Dubai comes in at number three with a length overall of 531 feet 6 inches. Dubai, which has also gone by the names Platinum, Panhandle and Golden Star, got off to a slow start. Originally commissioned in 1996, the yacht was started by a partnership between Blohm + Voss and Lürssen but production was stalled for a number of years. She was finished in 2006 by Platinum Yachts after being bought by the government of Dubai, hence the new name. Among her many water toys, Dubai reportedly carries her own submarine.

2. Eclipse


Eclipse: 536′ LOA

Moshi Anahory via Flikr

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Blohm + Voss build Eclipse held the title of world’s largest luxury yacht from her launch in 2010 until April of 2013. She is 536 feet in length and has a top speed of 22 knots.

1. Azzam


Azzam: 590’7″ LOA

Courtesy Lürssen

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At an astounding 590 feet 7 inches, Azzam overtook Eclipse as the world’s largest superyacht in April of 2013. With a total horsepower of 94,000, Azzam reportedly hit over 31 knots on her sea trials in the North Sea. The main salon alone is 95 feet long by 59 feet wide, with an open layout and no pillars. Azzam was built by Lürssen Yachts for an estimated 600 million dollars. The owner is believed to be Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates.

The Matching pair Bugatti Chiron Supercar and Super Yatcht.

0 (1)There’s now a yacht to match your Bugatti Chiron supercar.

Bugatti teamed up with yacht designer Palmer Johnson to create the Bugatti Niniette 66, a limited-edition sport yacht inspired by the Bugatti Chiron.

The Chiron is a stunning, $2.6 million sports car with a massive amount of power (1,500 hp, to be exact) that can reach a top speed of 261 mph.

Bugatti has been working with Palmer Johnson on the yacht project since 2015. Bugatti said potential buyers expressed interest after seeing the renderings, but asked for a closer connection to the Chiron that made its world premiere at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It should come as no surprise that Bugatti owners were among the prospective buyers.

Now Bugatti and Palmer Johnson have unveiled the results of their collaboration — a luxury sports yacht that doesn’t skimp on power.























Meet L’Amage: The 190-Metre Superyacht Concept

We’re used to seeing some monster, envelope-pushing concepts from superyacht designers, but the 190-metre L’Amage is one of the largest we’ve ever seen. With an LOA that would make it by far the biggest superyacht ever built, the concept is the work of Hamid Bekradi of HBD Studios Yacht Styling in Milan. The project was developed with Christoph Kuhnert from the Yacht Naval Architects in Hamburg to ensure the project has what the design house calls “concept plausibility and technical feasibility”.

Key features of the exterior design of L’Amage are the inverted bow and the raised helideck forward, with two aerodynamic ‘wings’ either side. There are, of course, vast amounts of deck space for the guests to explore, including a main-deck infinity pool. A mezzanine deck below this includes a cozy balcony area with a fireplace. Three levels up from the main deck, the side decks converge into a circular balcony to create an observation deck.

Technological innovations include Codag propulsion (two diesels and two gas turbines), which will generate a projected 95,000hp and deliver a top speed of 32 knots. The yacht is expected to have a 6,000 nautical mile range at a sensible cruising speed. L’Amage will also incorporate Kymeta’s flat-panel satellite technology, which gets rid of satellite domes on top of the yacht, replacing them with flat receiver panels that can be installed behind the exterior walls of the superstructure. This frees up a significant amount of space on the sundeck, which has been used to create a rooftop lounge with a bar and sitting area, a dance floor and an infinity pool.

“This project was a challenge to see how far we can take the exterior styling of a superyacht towards a modern and futuristic look, which is still feasible based on today’s available technologies,” says Hamid Bekradi. “My background is in car design, so in this project I applied a similar approach to that of the show car.” HBD Studios is working on a 75-metre explorer-version of L’Amage for a client. “It will have the same exterior styling elements of L’Amage 190 with a modern and minimalist-style interiors,” the studio says.

The Ravishing Beautiful Superyacht Okto is the first GT yacht


The superyacht Okto is the first GT yacht developed by the Italian shipyard ISA. This impressive vessel offers a rare elegance that promises a relaxing cruise.Rarely do we come across new yachts that push the limits in our industry; true game changers, pioneers, class leaders. This is exactly what ISA Yachts has achieved with their largest build to date, the stunningly sleek 66 metre superyacht Okto. Dressed in an ultra-cool black hull and deep silver superstructure, Okto has been roaming the seas as the epitome of style and luxury in her class since her delivery in July 2014.

For the Italian shipyard ISA Yachts, build quality has always been at the top of their priorities list. Their exclusive build schedule allowed for intensive man hours dedicated to finishing each yacht far above industry standards. The yard’s first 66 metre Granturismo project however has taken this philosophy a step further. Built for an experienced yachtsman and engineered by the skilled team at BMT Nigel Gee, once on board Okto, it becomes clear that this yacht is not only captivating to look at, but holds so much more than what meets the eye.

It is Andrea Vallicelli’s athletic and almost race car-like exterior that first grabs the attention. From the knife-blade bow running aft to the sleek sloping superstructure and down to the 6.5m x 4.7m pool on main deck aft, the French studio brilliantly realised the owner’s vision of a simple yet dynamic appearance. The use of curved shapes and slanted styling lines creates a sense of flow throughout the exterior guest areas and adds to the functional layout of the deck spaces that effortlessly flows into the lavish interior created by the late Alberto Pinto.

On bridge deck guests are offered a total of 80 square metres where options range from sunbathing, lazy lunches in the shade or, once the deck furniture has been rearranged, elegant evening entertaining with family and friends. This deck has been fitted with an advanced stereo system developed by Videoworks that creates the perfect environment for dancing the night away with a spectacular view in the background.

One deck above, a secluded sundeck area has been created without interrupting the sleek image of the yacht, and unless viewed from above, can easily be overlooked. Here one finds an intimate sunbathing area with a Jacuzzi – one of Okto’s two on board pool areas – and a private gym that is fitted with oversized windows and a skylight that creates a natural outdoor feeling allowing guests to continue their workout routines no matter the weather.

Forward of the wheelhouse on the foredeck is a touch and go helipad designed to accommodate a Europcopter EC135. This area is a perfect spot to experience Okto’s unique deck. Instead of utilizing high-maintenance natural teak, a light-coloured composite Esthec deck has been opted for. It is the pattern that the deck strips are laid in that makes this so special. Wide strips amidships gradually narrow in width outboard whilst the dividing sections of black caulking increases, creating an almost rhythmic sequence that adds another dimension to the exterior spaces. This deck also opens up to reveal one of the yacht’s tenders, a 6.6 metre Ski Nautique, and another MOB RIB, designed to be launched within minutes. Two additional tenders are located in the aft tender garage.

Guests are led down to the main deck aft via ISA Yacht’s characteristic sloping staircases outboard on either side of the vessel. From here, guests can seamlessly wander inside through the curved 5 metre-opening glass sliding doors – the largest of a kind ever installed on a yacht in Italy – into the lavish main saloon, designed by the late Alberto Pinto.

As one of his very lasts works before his passing in 2012, the French designer was given free reign to style and decorate Okto with a no-expense-spared approval by the owner. Having worked with the owner on his previous yacht, the iconic 82 metre Oceanco Alfa Nero, Pinto by now had a good idea of what his client appreciates. The same level of luxury, style and functionality would be incorporated into Okto, only in a condensed package.

He realised the lack of noise and vibration throughout the yacht would be key to receiving the owner’s stamp of approval and to ensure the comfort of every guest on board. The results not only ended with a satisfied owner, but benchmarks being raised for yachts in this class.

The design of the main deck was also of great importance to the Pinto team, who set out to reengineer how guests would use this space that is so often under used. A grand atmosphere is created by the use of polished and brushed metals, high lacquered surfaces and lavish upholstered furniture. The natural light flooding in through the expansive windows at the entrance from main deck aft and those running along the side of the lounge area, allowed Pinto to confidently make use of dark woods as paneling without the risk of creating a dark room environment. A natural satin finished wood floor adds a light touch to the otherwise high-class living environment.

Forward on the main deck, the full beam master suite offers no side portholes as one would normally find in this cabin arrangement, but instead a series of large skylights in the deckhead above are the source of natural light to the cabin, which can be shut completely when bed time comes (or left open to experience the starry night sky). When at anchor, a large terrace folds down with built in self-stowing handrails to create the ideal breakfast setup.

Moving aft through a corridor and adjacent to the master suite to starboard is a double bed cabin which can serve a multitude of roles as required. Fitted with a private study and a set of full height windows in the hull, this could easily be appointed as the VIP cabin. In another scenario, this could be set up as the kid’s cabin giving the parents easy access to the young ones who are never too far away.

Four additional guest cabins are located on the lower deck, each with en suite facilities and decorated in its own unique colour scheme, offering accommodation for a total of 11 guests.

Two levels above on the bridge deck is where the main on board entertainment space can be found. Here a cinema quality lounge is fitted with an advanced audio system and a 103-inch plasma TV for the ultimate cinematic experience on board.

As for her technical specifications, Okto excelled in her sea trials recalls Captain Gerard. Her calculated top speed of 18 knots was exceeded by nearly 1 knot; and this in a two metre sea state. Cruising at an economic speed of 13 knots, Okto is able to reach a transoceanic range of 6,800 nm powered by her two CAT 3512C engines.

Okto is currently located in the Caribbean, and is available for sale and charter through Fraser Yachts.

Lionheart 90m Private yacht by Benetti

Sir Philip Green’s new super yacht, ‘Lionheart’

Lionheart 90m Private yacht by Benetti owner Tina & Philip Green

295.28ft-90m | Benetti | 2016

The 295.28ft Custom motor yacht motor yacht ‘Lionheart’ was built by Benetti in Italy at their Livorno shipyard , she was delivered to her owner summer 2016. Previously named FB 262, her luxurious interior was designed by Green & Mingarelli Design.

Pietro Mingarelli is the business partner of Tina Green in her Monaco-based yacht and private jet interior design company, Green and Mingarelli, which they set up in 2012.

Her generous deck areas play host to a wide range of amenities including an outdoor bar and ample space for sunlounging and relaxing.

Construction & Dimensions

Lionheart features a displacement steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. She was built to Lloyds Register classification society rules.
The interior of Lionheart, by the studio Green & Mingarelli Design, contains an elevator connecting the four decks.
Construction on the yacht had started back in January 2012, the shipyard later confirmed it started building a 90m yacht for a repeat client in February 2012.Launched in February, 90m Lionheart was built for British business tycoon, Philip Green, who took delivery of a 63m Benetti yacht by the same name in 2006, now known as Lioness V.
Lionheart overtakes the 86m Kingdom 5KR, launched in 1980, as Benetti’s new flagship. Though the project has been shrouded in secrecy, it is known that Stefano Natucci collaborated with the Italian shipyard on the exterior design and Green & Mingarelli Design is responsible for the interior design.
There are six cabins on board the four-storey, 295-foot-long yacht.
Lionheart has a staggering 40 crew members, all dressed in cream uniforms.Beauty salon with personal hairdresser, a masseur and a personal trainer onboard.

There’s a swimming pool, hot tub and helipad – as well as a mini boat to ferry visitors in and out.

Although Lionheart remains Benetti’s flagship for now, the shipyard is expected to deliver a 107-meter yacht in 2019 which is currently known as FB277.

This luxury yacht is also fitted with ‘zero speed stabilizers’ which work at anchor, increasing on-board comfort when the yacht is stationary, particularly in rough waters.


Helicopter Landing Pad, At anchor Stabilizers , Gym, Spa, Jacuzzi (on deck), Lift (Elevator), Swimming Pool, Beach Club, Beauty Salon, BBQ, Tender Garage, Swimming Platform, Air Conditioning, Underwater Lights, Owner Study, Exterior Bar


  • Name: Lionheart
  • IMO: 1012323
  • Build Year (Min/Max) : 2016
  • Price / Valuation € (Min / Max) : € 150.000.000
  • Shipyard: Benetti
  • Exterior: Stefano Natucci.
  • Interior: Green & Mingarelli Design
  • Gross : 2990
  • Length meter: 90
  • Flag: Malta

Billionaire’s huge superyacht arrives at UK port.

A 72-metre superyacht owned by a Mexican billionaire has arrived in the South of Englands busiest navel port Plymouth.

One of the largest superyachts ever built in Italy by Italian yacht designers CRN, the Azteca, which is owned by billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has been photographed at Kings Point marina, in Millbay.

It is not clear if Mr Salinas Pliego, who is said to be worth in the region of 5.1 billion American dollars, will be on board or why the giant vessel is making the pit stop in the city but there is talk of a ‘high profile’ person aboard.

She was built according to the owner’s design wishes, with a “dashing hull shape”, a sharp bow and a modern, streamlined external form.The twin-screw superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests and the company that built her says she was designed specifically for those on board to interact closely with the ocean.

She was built according to the owner’s design wishes, with a “dashing hull shape”, a sharp bow and a modern, streamlined external form.

Measuring 72 metres and with her distinctive grey displacement hull, Azteca is so far the largest superyacht built by CRN. In fact she is one of the largest yachts ever to be built in Italy. She is devoted to family life at sea, which is characterised by large relaxation areas, which have been designed in such a way that guests can enjoy being close to the sea.

We visited Azteca on warm September day in Monaco, when she made a grand entrance at Monaco Yacht Show.


With a length of 72 meters and a beam of 13,50m, this displacement yacht, built in steel and aluminum, is by far largest yacht in CRN history. Azteca, like many superyachts by CRN, is a fully custom creation, by the hands of the technical staff of the yard and the Nuvolari & Lenard design team.

The dashing shape of the hull, combined with the exceptionally modern, streamlined external forms, all made even more distinctive by the sharp imposing bow, set Azteca apart from other superyachts of its size.

Like an inspired work of art, the realization of Azteca largely rests on the interaction between the shipyard and the Azteca’s owner, whose personality was at the basis of the many choices made.


Azteca features many innovations, such as the lower deck stern area, a completely innovative area, where the transom door folds open, to reveal an area equipped as an authentic “beach club” of over than 100 square metres, complete with sun loungers, sofas and a large bar.


Moving one deck up, the main deck features a large aft deck, through which one reaches the formal salon, furnished with sofas and armchairs that provide an elegant conversation and relaxing area.



The adjacent formal dining area can be separated through sliding doors which ensure a certain intimacy.


Forward on the main deck there are two guest suites, as well as the owner’s suite, a room that the owner wanted to link directly to the sea through a door which can be folded at 90 degrees from within the cabin, which then becomes a private terrace overlooking the sea.


The two bathrooms, one reserved Azteca’s owner and one for his wife, are entirely covered in marble, with inserts of brown Tiger’s eye for his’ bathroom, and a slab of mother-of-pearl to soften the tones in hers’.


A cinema, equipped with a 65 inch screen, a large walk-in wardrobe and a massage room complete the owner’s suite.

Below on the lower deck, there are 2 VIP cabins, each with an extra Pullman bed, as well as two more twin cabins, which can be used as guest cabins, or be used by personal staff, such as nannies, or a bodyguard. A seventh guest/VIP cabin is situated on the upper deck which is similar in décor to the lower deck cabins.


The remainder of the lower deck is taken up by the crew accommodation, storage, the tender bays, which house the 10 metre Riva Shuttles, a 7 metre crew service tender, and four jet skis, and the engine room. This impressive space houses the twin Caterpillar type 3516 engines, that push Azteca up to a maximum speed of 16.5 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots.


The upper deck foyer, which is served by Azteca’s glass elevator, leads aft to the sky lounge. Tremendous views through large windows will certainly make this everyone’s favourite place to be.

For the guests who prefer to be outside, the upper aft deck offers more seating and sunbathing space as well as a circular bronze table for al fresco dining .


Perhaps Azteca’s best feature, is her unique semi open sun deck. Over 330 square meters in size, the sun deck is entirely dedicated to outdoor life. It features oversized sofas, a shaded bar area, a Jacuzzi, Gym and many sun beds that can easily make way, should the owner decide to arrive on board in his 2500 kg helicopter.

A masterpiece of elegance and sophistication, Azteca is the successful result of the owner’s precise vision of how to spend his precious free time, in close contact with the sea.

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