What could the T7 look like?


It’s the benchmark. The yardstick. The trendsetter. And that makes each generation of VW Camper very important. The iconic splitties and bays of the mid 20th century went on to bear new generations of cult-creators and it comes to the 21st century and the – slightly reserved – T5 and T6.

T6 and T1

Incredibly well respected, the most modern camper is still the epitome of a usable motorhome – the vehicle you can use day to day to pop to the shops and do a school run, yet still go for a week away in the far reaches of Unreachistan. It’s compact enough to go under the radar when exploring single-track roads and not disrespect the white lines of the supermarket car park, yet spacious enough to support human life.

The next generation, the T7, is sure to take those traits and bring them even further into the future. At the moment it’s hard to hear much from VW itself (just watch, the day this goes live, VW will probably launch a T7…) but plenty of talented designers have had a stab at guessing the style of the next icon, like this T1 Revival from David Obendorfer.



In terms of size and space, the formula works now – so don’t expect T7 to be any greedier with its personal space than the T6. Safety for pedestrians and occupants will be a way to step up so expect more crash and impact protection, more autonomy and sophisticated driver aids.

In terms of powertrain it’d be prudent to look to alternative fuels soonish, and expect the T7 to embrace hybrid power. VW created a ‘Buzz’ with their electric van called, er, I.D BUZZ, and the Bulli and Budd-e concepts, but range anxiety for those attempting to explore the depths of what the world has to offer would probably appreciate a petrol engine – there aren’t many fast charging docks available in the third world – and although diesel probably makes sense it would be bold of VW to make it the only option and cower from the backlash as everyone reminds them of their emission issues of the past few years.

Having said all that, it’ll probably be the practicality and looks that get it off the forecourt. Practicality is almost a given – layouts have been well-established since the first camper was proposed in the late ‘40s. The looks, however, are a tricky one. The T7 has to look super cool and yet not alienate purists. This blend of retro style with modern application, thankfully, works very well. VW did it first with the front-engined Beetle in the late ‘90s, and sold bugloads of them. BMW soon jumped on that bandwagon with the MINI, and Fiat whipped up a 500, and the young drivers of Europe practically sold limbs and organs to get them.

Great designs are already popping up from speculators with great graphic designs skills, VW look like they will end up with a sales hit in the T7 unless they somehow manage to cock it up.

T7 concept

How bold will VW go? The T7 could be the most iconic of them all, or it could be the generation that nobody likes to talk about in a few decades’ time.



You know those houses that seem to go on forever and ever, and you always find a different cool feature in every room. Well the Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer series are all just like that, only they’re portable, and built like a tank.

Checking Out The Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer

This thing has everything, and I mean everything. Like a big kitchen? You got it! Like an outdoor wine holder too? Don’t worry, you’ve got it! The Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer series has everything you could possibly need to enjoy an adventure in luxury and more besides.

Conqueror off-road Camping trailers have been safari and outback tested for over 25 years in the harsh and unforgiving environments of Africa and Australia, so we already know that they’re rugged and can withstand anything that you’re likely to put them through.

Unlike some of the more rustic trailers that we’ve looked at, there’s no wood in this build whatsoever. Conqueror don’t want their builds to get damp and then rot, so the main construction of the chassis is CNC cut and bent 3 mm steel.  Other critical strength parts are made of thicker material and laser cut for precision fitting.

Conqueror Overland Adventure TrailerRemember how the Vintage Overland Trailer didn’t have room for a kitchen sink? Well this beast has room for two, plus a pull out hob, plenty of food prep space, and an outdoor toilet and shower area further round the back.

Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer

The inside living area is pretty nice too. There’s a double bed up in the pop top sleeping area, and a TV for those that like to really feel at home on the road. The interior definitely gives off that military inspired vibe, which I guess isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea..

Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer - Back
I Have The Power!

Your not going to be without juice in the Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer. It features a Neutron 12 Intelligent Power Management system with Smart Phone apps-110v (which has gotta be good, right?) There’s 3 LED lights fitted inside, 2 Hella Plugs, 2 battery boxes with circuit breakers for extra safety, and an Anderson plug with 16mm wire connected to batteries for vehicle or solar charging.

The trailer holds a 130l water tank too, which is plenty for cooking and showering on the road.

Final thoughts…

You can park the Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer anywhere and everything is ready to roll. It’s easy to operate and set up, but it would be a little but inconvenient in wet and windy weather. It’s ok saying it’s been tried and tested in Africa and Australia, i.e two hot countries, but I’d like to see this do a stint in the Lake District in the middle of Winter to see how it holds up.

The whole build is outdoors orientated; it prompts you to cook outdoors, to shower outdoors, and basically spend a lot of your time using the exterior features. If you like sitting on the pull out bed by the coal fire then this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re already in the market for an adventure trailer than you can’t go wrong with the Optimus Prime of all off road vehicles.

Conqueror Adventure Overland Trailer - Back shot



 Get Wild With The Mantis Trailer

Last week we covered a great little teardrop trailer, and it got us looking into the different versions of what I like to call ‘ the cars best friend’ that are out currently out there on the market. We found ourselves wishing for an off-grid trailer that looked great but could cope with some serious (and we mean serious) adventuring . Then we found the Mantis, and all of our prayers were answered.

Here it is, the Mantis Adventure Camper from TAXA Outdoors. With its cool steel exterior, Praying Mantis logo and distinctive orange pop top it certainly looks like the adventure camper that we’ve been dreaming of.

The Mantis Trailer is ultra-lightweight (it weighs under 2,300 pounds, which means it won’t guzzle your petrol) and measures 18-feet-long! TAXA also say that there’s enough room to comfortably sleep four adults (or three and one dog if the picture above is anything to go by!)Mantis Trailer - Outside 2

First impressions are that theres definitely plenty of room to live comfortably in it without feeling cramped. It’s might not be as homely as the teardrop we covered, but inside it packs a punch with its space saving ideas.

What’s Inside

Mantis Trailer - Inside

Well we’ve already mentioned the pop top, which means that you can stand up and move around without having to pretend you’re Gollum. For me thats a must in any van or trailer!

There is also a queen-sized bed for two adults, which can be converted to a couch, as well as two adult-sized bunk beds at the trailer front. Other nifty features include integrated plumbing and electrical system, a wet bath, fully-equipped kitchen, plenty of storage space, as well as a Thule cargo deck and rack on the roof.

Mantis Trailer - Bunk beds

Mantis Trailer - Wet Room

Just past our lovely assistant there is the wet room. Now I think this is pretty cool and a great use of storage. You’ve got your toilet and shower area in a box that comes up to waist height, with a flip down lid that probably turns into an extra ten beds or eighteen chairs. The Mantis Trailer really does makes the most of every inch of space.

Final Thoughts…

It’s clean, it’s as rugged as Tom Sellick’s moustache, and its as light as a trailer sized feather. All in all an awesome bit of kit. I found one online for just over £24k, which considering how much space you have and the amenities include inside is pretty good value.

What’s more, with all that space you can crack out your best Yoga moves. Now if I can just figure out how to remove my leg from around my neck I can work on the Praying Mantis pose….

The “Back To The Future”Themed VW Bus



While this vehicle is more reminiscent of the counterculture movement of the ’60s, this particular 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon has been revamped to incorporate a Back to the Future theme.

We all love a good custom VW bus, be it a pub in a dub, a shorty bus or even a well designed off-road T3.

You’re most likely thinking “this looks nothing like the DeLorean!” but that’s the whole point. The artist wanted a challenge and wanted to create a replica car with something as far from a car as possible, and it’s so good it makes us think it should have been the original.

The stunning gun metal paint scheme, gullwing doors and bright orange interior makes it look real special, and if you take a closer look you’ll see a flux capacitor behind the seats.

It’s a remarkable piece of memorabilia, and as a VW Bus addict we can see that it has been incredibly restored with a reupholstered and reworked interior, a pristine condition engine and a rugged roof rack for the adventure junkies out there.

The best bit… it’s for sale. If there are any bus enthusiasts and Back to the Future fans out there this could be the chance to get hold of your dream bus, just make sure you have £65.000 ($89,000) saved up.





When you think “Camper Van”, you probably don’t think of Fiat right? Well that could be about to change. Early this year Fiat announced this incredible masterpiece, the Fiat Ducato, a 4X4 Exhibition camper van built for the mountains and crafted for the true adventurers out there.

Fiat teamed collaborated with 4×4 specialist Automobiles Dangel, body customizer Olmedo Special Vehicles, and interior specialist Technoform. This beast features a custom LED light bar, a front winch, new oversized wheels, crazy storage space and a solar panel on top for all you gadget junkies.

Inside is where it gets real fancy, you have a custom built modern dining area, a kitchen with a stainless steel sink and glass top stove, a FULL SIZED bed which features a television for those netflix and chill kind of nights. And our favourite and certainly under appreciated feature is the four seater dining room, with leather and spinning seats! It has enough space for you and 3 friends to eat and prepare food, plus it’s a great place to get your work done too!

The Ducato hides a 2.3L MultiJet-2 I-4 diesel engine which contains 150hp with its combined four-wheel drive, which will help you tackle those rough roads while you venture your heart away. We’re in love! 😍