Tattooing Animals: Abusive or Artistic?

Animals and tattoos are two very wonderful things. What do you think about tattooing animals?
Incredible tattoo professionals like Lithuanian artist Domantas Parvainas- crafter of some stellar animal portraits, would agree. So would the well-known Mike DeVries, who’s responsible for putting together stunningly realistic animal portraits. What about when these two elements don’t mix? What about animals who have tattoos of their own? Sure, a Poodle with a portrait makes for an entertaining image, but taking that idea beyond Photoshop art seems to be crossing lines. Believe it or not, some pet owners-who are also tattoo artists-blur the boundary between artistic and abusive.
North Carolina man, Ernesto Rodriguez who is a veteran and tattoo artist, took the liberty of injecting ink into his own to Pit Bull puppies. At first Rodriguez claimed the dog was asleep and didn’t feel a thing, then came the later add-on that the dog was actually sedated. The statements he’s made in articles are inconsistent. Whether the dog was asleep or sedated, does that make it okay for him to tattoo something that doesn’t have a voice of its own?
Another artist did the same thing to his dog. Mistah Metro who works at Red Legged Devil tattoo parlor (owned by tattoo artist Chris Torres who was featured on both Miami and New York Ink) did the same thing as Rodriguez. He decided to tattoo his pet that was under sedation after a surgical procedure. Metro didn’t tattoo his dog in the shop so they’re in the clear, but what veterinarian would allow somebody to tattoo an animal in their office?
Although it is not illegal to tattoo a dog, the ASPCA condemns the practice for anything other than identification purposes. ‘Tattooing an animal for the vain sake of joy and entertainment of the owner without any regard for the well-being of the animal… is not something the ASPCA supports, a spokesman for the group told the New York Post.”
The practice was banned in New York with the exception of medical and identification purposes. Consequences for tattooing and/or piercing an animal in the state of New York range from up to 15 days in jail and $250 in fines.
Ernesto Rodriguez took it upon himself to tattoo the thin skin of his own dog’s belly.
What’s more bothersome; the absent-minded idea to tattoo a being that can’t give consent or that the tattoo itself is just horrible?
Mistah Metro proudly posted this picture of him tattooing his dog on Instagram.
Just because the pup won’t feel any of the tattooing process doesn’t mean it won’t have to endure the irritating itch that comes with healing. Not to mention the fur that will eventually grow back and cover the design.
A close up of the traditional artwork.
AIMS-Animal Tattoo Identification Systems
Identification tattoos are legal, AIMS claims to tattoo their animals in a safe non-toxic manner.
Ear tags like this one are another common way to mark and keep track of livestock.
Tattooing a number inside a dog’s ear is helpful for tracking purposes.

The above photo strikes a personal chord. Service Dogs commonly have identity tattoos, I’ve had two Service Dogs in my life, both had identification numbers tattooed on their inner right ear. Every dog is tattooed because not every owner chooses the microchip option.


Tattooed hairless cat
No, this is not Lil Jon’s cat, the tattoos on this feline aren’t that horrible. Apparently tattooing cats is a legal although questionable trend happening in Moscow, Russia. ‘Cattooing’ is a process that takes around three hours. Putting an animal under anesthesia is a risk in itself, is it worth it just to make the owner happy?
Tattoo artist Kat Von D with one of her beloved hairless cats.
Cattooing or having tattoos while holding cats?

Animal Tattoos!

10 Amazingly Cute Furry Animal Tattoos!

Whether it’s a pet or you’re just an animal lover, animal tattoos never go out of style! Here’s a small collection of furry animal tattoos from the artists at STR Body Modifications for your viewing pleasure…Hope you’re not allergic!

This cute Siamese caught himself some dinner.

Eddy-Lou cat tattoo

Ok, this one isn’t too furry…but it sure is cool!

Drew Shallis spider3

What is this thing..? Can you say AWESOME!

Eddy-Lou what is it tattoo

Awwww…it’s Bambi.

EbonyMellowship deer tattoo

Very cool Songbird piece with Cherry Blossoms!

EbonyMellowship bird tattoo

Wiley as a…

EbonyMellowship fox tattoo

Cats, cats, cats… never enough Cat Tats!

Eddy-Lou cat tattoo3

Man’s Best friend…all suited up and ready for a night on the town!

Drew Shallis dog tattoo

Super cool carousel tattoo!

Drew Shallis horse tattoo

Ok, even hairless cats need love!

Drew Shallis naked cat

All tattoos done by Shannon Richmond, Drew Shallis, Ebony Mellowship, and Eddy-Lou of STR Body Modifications! Thanks for the submissions, guys! You rock!