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Getting tattooed on areas like the shoulder, the thigh, and even the forearm can sting a bit, but we can not even image what these people felt! Getting tattooed in the head takes a high pain threshold and a ton of testicular fortitude. To honor these brave souls we created this gallery of some of the most insane head tattoos.

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20 Totally Hardcore Face Tattoos

Today let’s take tattoos to a whole nutha level!!! FACE TATTOOS. It’s nothing new. In fact, it’s been here since the ancient times. Our ancestral tribal warriors long ago get face tattoos to mark Ultimate Power, of conquering Matter by Mind and to represent an enemy killed in battle. In other tribes, such as the Maori in New Zealand, it is sacred and is meant to intimidate the enemy. Up til now, it never ceases. It still lives through bold men & women who really don’t give a fuck about what society thinks. So let’s make this short and take a look at these top 20 totally hardcore face tattoos from past to present like you’ve never seen before! They’re shocking, fascinating, and utterly mind-boggling. For whatever reason these people chose to get it, let’s pay our respects. Not all people can rock this. So yallz shall just stop hatin’ and just go appreciatin’! These are people who have dedicated their lives and totally changed it for the love of TATTOOS. Be amused. Enjoy!!!!


Maori Moko or Ta Moko is the traditional facial tattooing of the Maori people in New Zealand. Their practice is considered sacred and regarded as a Taonga (treasure) to the Maori people. It is created by carving the face using an Uhi (chisel made of albatross bone) and applying the ink by striking it with a mallet using burnt embers of a tree as ink in the grooves of torn flesh. Pretty hardcore. That’s why it’s not for everyone.


Each & every Moko contains messages that tell a story of its wearer’s strong link to his ancestral roots, rankings in the social class, and achievements. Moko is considered as markings of aristocracy & adulthood. (photograph by Jimmy Nelson)


Men & Women receive Moko on their faces, buttocks and hips. Women usually wear it on their chins, lips & forehead. (Photograph by Jimmy Nelson)

A three-dimensional view of a Maori head, realized during the head's modelling, is seen in this handout given by Rouen Museum

Another tradition of the Maori is the collection of MokoMokai (preserved heads with Moko). Heads were preserved by removing the brain & eyes and sealing the orifices with gum and fiber flax. The head was then boiled in an oven… smoked & dried for several days… and later on kept in an ornate wooden box to be used in sacred ceremonies. (image source: REUTERS)


Modern day tattooers take this symbolic art form just as seriously as their predecessors. They alter the techniques with electric machines because some designs are exclusive to the Maori people only. (Photograph by Jimmy Nelson)

Now let’s jump to the present & see how Face tattoos evolved!


Rick Genest aka “Skullboy” worked in various sideshows and freak shows across Canada as the “Illustrated man”. He’s featured in one of Lady Gaga’s music video “Born this way”, released in 2011.


This is my friend Sammy from Epidemic Tattoo, Philippines. 🙂 His toilet bowl tattoo on the face is crazy, one of a kind and finely executed! Tattooed on him by Joel Rocafort.


Even celebrity musicians wear it! Perhaps Lil Wayne’s most prominent face tattoos are the words “Fear God” on his eyelids, and the double Cs on his forehead, in the middle of his eyes. It represent his mom’s name, Cita. and their last name: Carter.


Face tattoos look best when the rest of the body is heavily tattooed. That guy in the photo is Horimouja (Jack Mosher). He’s well-known for his wicked & famous oriental tattoo designs released in flash books segregated into conceptual volumes which influenced many tattoo artists all over the world.


“It’s my Vampire dream to be Immortal” says Maria Jose Cristerna, well-known as “Vampire Woman”. She is famous for her titanium horns (which was implanted to her skull without anesthetic!!!) to signify strength, dental implants for fangs, and a whole body 90% full of tattoos!


Myke Chambers, who is well-known for his awesome traditional tattoos—–also sports a face tattoo! The triangles are just so random, so Myke!


This is JB, my friend from the Philippines and his face tattoo is just WHOA! We have no idea why he did it, so let’s just let him be! Tattoo artist: Joel Rocafort.


Dennis Avner aka “Stalking Cat” (his Indian name) descended from American Indians and decided to transform himself after a discussion with a Native chief who inspired him to follow the ways the Tiger. His body mods include bifurcation (splitting of his upper lip), surgically pointing the ears, sillicone cheek & forehead implants, tooth filing, tattoos, and facial piercings to which whiskers can be attached! He eats fresh meat every day, as a tiger would.


Kimberley Vlaminck, after a drunken decision to get three stars near her eye, claims that she fell asleep and awoke to a constellation! Her artist, however, denies this and states that Vlaminck clearly requested all of those stars on her face. Well, what do you think?


Erik Sprague, also known as “Lizard man” doing one of his nasty tricks. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Pictures in the News: Caracas, Venezuela

“I love the mathematical pattern of the checker board. Its symmetry makes up for my asymmetry.” says Matt Gone, better known as the “Checkered man”.


A Chin woman from Burma (Myanmar). Women bearing these traditional marks are the last of their kind.

glasses tattoo on face 3

Spot the face tattoo within 2 seconds!!!!! Comment to us your answer. 😉


For heavily tattooed people, it’s always tough luck. People always tend to misjudge. But we shall Keep Calm & Be Tough as Rock. Nobody can shatter who we truly are. 😉

Face Tattoos

(Before the madness commences, we’ll have to let you know not to take this post too seriously. No need to go and type a rant about how ignorant the writer of some bullsh-t article is. You might not agree with some of the things here and think that these people can very well get laid. Well, of course they can.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 6.50.28 PM

This is your average tattoo fails list. We can’t possibly estimate’s someone’s appeal and performance in the sheets through their face tattoos no matter how shitty. So sit back and calm your tats. Hopefully, you’ll get better face tattoos than these guys.


I mean, unless you belong to the same skinhead herd, or you’re both turned on by Hello Kitty, or it could be you’re both shitty tattoo enthusiasts, chances are most people won’t really get aroused by your sexy face tattoo.


He seems to know what a girl really wants.


Get a good ol’ white boy not only good for a one-nighter but someone to take home to your parents.


Oh, shut up, she seems like a very nice woman.


Whatever ‘it’ is, we’re not sure we want to know.





There to remind you what his best quality is.


The poor guy seems to be very confused. You probably can’t trust him with the rubber.


“You’ll love me, I have a great sense of humour.”


Guess he’s not into some interracial fun. Sad.


Instead of foreplay, there shall be a round of chess.
One word: stalemate.



What lawsuit? The only suit we’ll be seeing tonight is you in your birthday suit. 

Worst-Face-Tattoos-1The closest he’ll ever get to a pussy.


Check off Hello Kitty man on the list, we found him a great match.


face-tattoo (1)

He’s a freak in bed. (wink)Face-Tattoo

What’s up with guys and tattoos of women’s name on their faces.


“If you can guess how many face tattoos I have, you get a kiss to any part of your body.”

“My fist.” (Because who the f-ck is Evelyn, am I right?)


Unless you get off of Mitt Romney,


It would probably quite difficult to hump someone who might be able to summon satan right in the middle of your sexy time.

Scary face of split tongued tattooed man police say killed his pal in the woods

Interesting story behind this mugshot:

“Here’s the frightening face of split tongued, tattooed David Adam Pate, the man police in South Carolina say killed his pal in the woods. The 24-year-old, whose facial tattoos include a ‘joker mouth’, teardrops and ‘Satan’ above his right eye, allegedly murdered 33-year-old Ricky James five weeks ago and left his body for neighborhood children to find. He is seen in this bizarre jail mugshot sticking out his surgically forked tongue and showing off his ‘974’ neck tattoo, which is the sign of street gang Gangster Disciples. He is charged with murder.”

We heard he’s single.


Not sure if Magneto or middle schooler wearing a wrestling head gear.


How we love funny men.


Got a call from Rick Genest, he


Told you, you need one, quality douche.


Lucky number sex-sex-sex.


I think his intentions are pretty clear.


Oh look, it’s a big tattoo of a nope, about to go down on you.


Fancy some nice BDSM, getting tied up with this bloke? (I am so funny.)


But some women and men won’t mind slipping off their knickers from a single doze of that smouldering gaze.


Panties dropping faster than you can say ‘felon possession of firearms’.


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