Skull and Skeleton Tattoos

10 Grimmest Skull and Skeleton Tattoos

When it comes to the design you want for your tattoo, sky is the limit. The array of designs you can find in each category is endless, not to mention that every individual owns creativity! The type of tattoo one decides to put on their skin is essentially a message they give to the world.

A Skull and/or Skeleton tattoo, is it a symbol of death or life? To quite a lot of people when they see a skull tattoo, the word that immediately comes to their mind is death and danger. Yet, before tattooing was even a thing, the sign of a skull was always associated with life and even a symbol to celebrate it. In ancient societies, skulls and skeleton were meant to bring great change, and the greatest of all changes in one’s life is death.

People who opt for skull tattoos each have their own motivations, meanings, and reason for getting them. To each individual personally, it can mean anything from celebration of life to recognition of the inevitability of death. While the symbolism of a skull tattoo holds significance, nowadays, it has become a display only, rather than holding its inherent meaning, and if you really want to find out the message that a person is trying to convey, you will have to ask them that directly.

There was a time when the meaning of skull tattoos was only restricted to death and things related to it. But having a skull tattoo nowadays holds completely mirrored meanings altogether. Only the person being inked can tell what they see in the art form they decided to put on their flesh for life. The thing is, when getting tattoos, one has to make peace with the fact that people are going to misinterpret your tattoos…

1- Paul Tougas

By far, one of the coolest skull tattoos we’ve seen lately! Thanks for sharing it! this amazing piece of art is the work of Paul Tougas.

2- Alexander Grim

This neck, full back, arm, and buttocks tattoo is one that we can’t take our eyes off. The amazing level of detailing of the skeleton holding a dagger is the most amazing tattoo you will see today.

3- Mike Shaw

A cowboy skull tattoo by Mike Shaw; follow him on Instagram to stay tuned for more.

4- Chris O’Donnell

A snake enveloping this skull/oni head; this rather brutal tattoo is the work of Chris O’Donnell, a staple of NY and Virginia tattooing for quite some time now.

5- Robert Borbas

A rather raw bicep and forearm Skull tattoo, reminiscent of the punk band The Exploited’s logo! LOVE IT! Tattooed around the arm for a different view at each angle. Robert is one of the most exciting blackworker we’ve seen in a long while! Hoping to get him interviewed very soon!

6- Ron Wells

A look at this tattoo and you feel like the person trying to get this tattoo is referring to the mind’s eye, or the 7th chakra point. Needless to say, it looks amazing.

7 – Derrick Snodgrass

Derrick Snodgrass Skull

8 – Smooth Tattoo by icon

Koreflatmo Skull

9- Another fantastic traditional tattoo by samuelebriganti

Samuel Briganti Skull

10 – Unique Styling Tattoo by Steve Burlton

Steve Burton Skull