Black and Grey tattoos ideas


25 Top Black and Grey Tattoos

Thinking of getting a black and grey tattoo, well read on…..
For as long as there has been tattooing, there has been black and grey tattoos. They are some of the most iconic and breathtaking tattoos around. Of course, there are varying degrees of quality with black and grey tattoos, but, these are some of the best.

This stunning black and grey design of a woman’s face intermingled with a skull.

Artist: Melissa Storm

The flowers seem to leap off of the skin in this tattoo.

Artist: David Vega

How about a tattoo that makes it seem as though you could feel the downy soft feathers of this swan?

Artist: Jhon Gutti

Geometric tattoos are also beautiful in black in grey.

Artist: Xandervoron

The skill it takes to create a lifelike animal is vast, but this leopard is exceptionally well executed.

Artist: Vania Branco

It’s said that the highlights can make or break a black and grey tattoo, they definitely make this tattoo pop.

Artist: Christos Galiropoulos

It can be difficult to create a solid gradation in a black and grey tattoo, much less in an entire sleeve. This graveyard is truly masterful.

Artist: Jerry Magni

There’s also this stunning clockwork sleeve with intricate detail.

Artist: Feel

Wildlife tends to make the perfect subject in black and grey realism.

Artist: Justink`s Tattoo Studio

These paw prints seem pressed right into the skin.

Artist: Aleksandar Alex

One of the benefits of black and grey is the depth you can achieve with it. A great example is this top-hat wearing cat.

Artist: Donatas Lasys

While a little on the creepy side, this cherub tattoo is insanely realistic.

Artist: Donatas Lasys

The amount of texture in this portrait is stunning.

Artist: Kuchumov Aleksandr

Skulls tend to be a pretty typical subject matter with black and grey tattoos, but not all are executed as well as this one.

Artist: Von Poncho

How about a Ganesha tattoo?

Artist: Chris hurtsville

A diamond tattoo is a girl’s best friend.

Artist: Xandervoron

Of course with black and grey, comes a limitless opportunity for greatness.

Artist: Jammes Tattoo

This realistic butterfly looks as though it could fly away at any moment.

Artist: Jhon Gutti

The insane perspective on this tattoo is impressive.

Artist: Christos Galiropoulos

Bringing back Legend, one black and grey tattoo at a time.

Artist: Wolfgang Robinson

Scifi goes hand in hand with black and grey.

Artist: Jerry Pipkins

While there is a slight tinge of color to this tattoo, the vast majority is black and grey. It takes the traditional star to a whole new level.

Artist: Kosmo Tattoo

How about an alienesque cat?

Artist: Kosmo Tattoo

Nature overall is a great subject matter for black and grey tattoos, including trees.

Artist: Craig Necker

Chucky is brought to life in this black and grey portrait tattoo.

Artist: Chad Miskim

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