Australian man surfs motorbike across water!

Australian stunt rider Robbie Maddison has done the unthinkable – catching big Tahitian waves on a motorbike.

The surreal video titled “Pipe Dream”, released by his sponsor DC shoes this morning, shows the Kiama local bouncing across the surface of the water on the bike and carving the faces of waves at Teahupoo and Papara.


“I had a sickening feeling that this might be the one that kills me.”-Robbie Maddison

His motorbike was modified for the incredible feat, with small skis visible on the front wheel and a propeller tyre on the back.

Maddison told Surfer Magazine the idea came to him when he was on the back of a boat watching his wife ride a wakeboard.

“Something clicked in my head. I fantasised putting skis on a bike and riding on water. It was a stupid vision at the time, but I kept toying with it, playing with designs and concepts, and eventually it became a reality.”

He said his experience growing up on the beaches south of Sydney gave him the confidence he needed to pull off the stunt.“I’ve surfed since I was 8 years old. I’ve been a surfer for like 26 years. If I wasn’t a surfer growing up there’s no way I would have ever even imagined this, not to mention have had the knowledge of how to read the wave,” he said.“I was only comfortable in this scenario because I’ve spent the majority of my life dropping in on waves.

“If I hadn’t been a surfer at heart, I couldn’t have pulled it off.”

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