18 Surprising Minimalistic Line Tattoos

Tattoos are made of lines, solid or thin, but always lines. What if we simplify them to the extreme? With the craze of blackwork tattoos, inspired by ethnic tattoos, black lines are becoming more and more minimalistic. The meaning is optional, and we see more and more tattoos which primary function is ornamental. Abstract tattoos opened the road to this focus on sheer aesthetics. But the tattoos you will see here went even further in their search of simplicity and boldness. Many people would argue that they are not tattoos. But it is not because they are not intricate and figurative that they were not inked with machines and traditional hand-poke Tools, and thus, considered as tattoos. Their meaning can also be deeper than you could think, a secret, personal meaning. They are the result of almost mystic experiences between the tattoo artist and the tattooed people, involving emotional goals. They can be elegant or odd, but if you are open-minded, you will look at them with interest to Wonder about the unique stories behind them. Don’t draw the line at the minimalistic look of these tattoos, and get in line to see these curious and interesting line tattoos…

This is elegant! Lines by Warren Morissens.

Just three lines.

The meaning of these line tattoos by Philip Milic is deeper than you'd think as the ink was mixed with ashes of a loved one.

Blacl line and white line for his and her by MXW.

The abstract work of Musa.

Bold couple tattoo, also by Musa...

Linework tattoo line tattoos

Made by Last Hope.

Contemporary art by Kostek.

By Kostek Stekkos.

Hand line by Kenji Alucky.

Ear line by Indy Voet.

Lines forming a minimalistic design by Hongdam.

Multicolored line by Guido.

Side line by Cy N Caro.

The geometric lines of Chaim Machlev of Dotstolines.

By Ben Volt.

Also by Ben Volt.

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