On this day : The 6th of September 1997

Funeral of Princess Diana

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After a week of mourning the funeral for Princess Dianatook place on Saturday September 6. More than a million people lined the route taken by the cortege as it travelled the four miles from Kensington Palace toWestminster Abbey . In a symbolic moment some members of the royal household watched its passage from within the precincts of Buckingham Palace .
Behind the coffin on its route walked Diana’s brother Lord Spencer, with her ex-husband Prince Charles and two sons William and Harry . Many wondered about the humanity of forcing two young children to face such an extended ordeal, the royal family seemingly intent on showing fortitude beyond that of mere mortals.
At Westminster Abbey Prince Charles for once had to listen powerlessly to criticism of his behaviour, Lord Spencer cutting in his eulogy; Elton John sang his amended version of Candle in the Wind; and an estimated 2 billion television viewers worldwide followed the day’s events.
Some found the intemperate grief displayed hard to understand, tasteless even, the vast majority of those weeping copious tears having never met Diana. She had been vibrant and beautiful, and seemingly of good heart though not averse to manipulating the media in her cause; but no saint – coincidentally and contrastingly Mother Teresa died the day before the funeral. But none could doubt the sadness of a young life lost, and the tragedy of two young sons left motherless.

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