Koenigsegg Planning To Make Their Own Super Bike


Koenigsegg are reportedly planning on making their own super bike and getting into the world of motorcycle production. If they did progress with this we believe the finished product could look a lot like this. Although this is nothing more than a concept design and it should also be made aware that it wasnt commissioned by Koenigsegg. The people behind it have successfully harnessed the style and feel of their brand perfectly.

The concept bike was created by a talented Russian designer Burov Art, with the bike featuring blends of retro design styles mixed with futuristic styling.

It features classic dual rear shocks, as opposed to a modern mono-shock set up, and also has an aggressive dual exhaust that subtly emerges from a super short seat. The front end features a single headlight that compliments the overall simplistic, yet elegant theme of the concept.

Looking over the images of this bike, everyone who bares witness to it can only wish that they may actually entertain the idea of producing the real thing. For now, enjoy the photos below :






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