30k For Tires – Not Including Rims – How Much It Costs To Own A Bugatti


The Bugatti Veyron is known for being the fastest road going production car in the world with a top speed of 267 miles per hour.  It achieves this with a turbo charged 8.0 liter 16 cylinder engine that produces 1,000.  It has a big brother called the super sport that has been given the title Super Sport and 200 more horsepower.  The base model Veyron, if there is such a thing, has a sticker price of $1.7 million dollars while the Super Sport breaks the scales in the American market at $3.2 million.  While the price and the performance data are somewhat staggering many people forget about the other costs that come with owning a vehicle like this.

After the initial hit of the $3.2 million dollars for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport you will find the taxes alone will be close to $320,000 dollars.  That’s more money than the average American home costs!  The United States has a median income of close to $52,000 dollars per year.  It would take the average American a little over six years to earn enough money to pay for just the taxes at that rate.  That’s just the cost to be able to drive one of these hyper cars home.

What about maintenance?  Every car need oil changes, new brakes, and tires from time to time.  Well the Super Sport is a killer in this area too.  A standard oil change runs owners $20,000!  That price includes labor, oil, and a new filter.  You can buy a new KIA for that amount of money.  The tires of the Bugatti hit the pocket book for $30,000 a set.  On the third tire change Bugatti suggests that owner replace the wheels of the vehicle as well.  The tires are actually glued to the wheels to keep the tires from flying off the wheels due to the power of the car.  So what does a new set of four Veyron Super Sport wheels and tires run?  Check the video below for that answer and other information on how much it actually costs to own a Bugatti.

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