Oral Sex Isn’t Just Fun It’s Also Very Healthy. Here Is The Proof!

Oral sex = better health? What sounds like a story for The National Enquirer, Globe, Star, and the other tabloids, has now been proven in black and white by a long-term study. 2 Austrian scientists were looking for the secret to longevity and have clearly discovered it. And, whoa, it’s sperm!


Love is healthy and makes you young: Frank Madeo and Tobias Eisenberg, researchers from the Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria have finally delivered the proof. They have compared results from 6 countries and the results are astounding.


The magic word is: SPERMIDINE! This substance is found in large amounts in seminal fluid. And it has the special ability to repair damaged cells within the body and to slow down the aging process. Even anxiety and depression can be treated with this agent.


Up until now it was only scientifically proven that male ejaculate was rich with vitamins and proteins. But the proof of spermidine is now being seen as a sensation within academic circles and could also help in the fight against Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Eisenberg says, literally: “It really looks like we have found the holy grail of research into ageing. A milestone for humanity!” Spermidine is not only in male ejaculate but is also found in food like soy, grapefruits, and cereal germs. Even if in lower amounts.


Good news for the two turtle doves: love is and remains the best medicine!


The fact that love keeps you young and fresh was always known. But that it also has such a long-lasting effect on your health is amazing. But this study is the ironclad proof: sperm is good for you!

Tell everyone else about the wondrous power of the male love juice and share this evidence with them!


So fellas keep unzipping and sharing that magical health juice.


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