5 World-Class Modular House Designs Available For Free

modular house designs bolt

Architects might be the next vanguard of the open-source revolution. As a result, developers and people looking to build a home will get more and more access to free, world-class plans that suit modular house designs. You can construct some open-source projects in as little as a month by using prefab. The consequences are waste reduction and cost savings on an enormous scale.

Prefab materials are versatile, and modular house designs can take on many kinds of looks. Also, modular manufacturers can re-engineer most conventional architectural plans. Since that’s not true in every case, our in-house developers selected the five best open-source blueprints and models for prefab construction.

The Module House, by Tatiana Bilbao

modular house designs bilbao

Like the Module House by Tatiana Bilbao?

Paperhouses puts free project blueprints from some of the world’s top architects online. Like all the models on the site, users can adjust The Module House on a Github forum as they see fit.

The original blueprint is for a 2064ft² house with three bedrooms. Its flexible design allows for wood or structural steel materials. This feature makes it perfect for light steel gauge frame or steel containers.

modular house design interior

Xh system house, by Dekleva Gregorič

modular house designs system

Slovenian firm Dekleva Gregorič designed the Xh system house to be customizable. The plans can just as easily make a simple cottage as a sprawling resort complex. Manufacturers can create individual units in various sizes. They can also be combined, or furnished as complete spaces on their own.

Download plans for the Xh system house here.

modular house designs
modular house designs

Monterrey, by Elemental

modular house designs mexico
modular house designs

Elemental has extensive experience developing social solutions and low-cost housing. The houses in the Monterrey duplex are 40m², but builders can expand them to 59m² or 76,5 m².

Elemental built the original model in 2010 in Monterrey, Mexico. The structure is an affordable solution for developers who need high-occupancy housing quickly.

Like the Monterrey by Elemental?

The Bolt House, by Panorama Arquitectos

modular house designs

Another blueprint on Paperhouses, Panorama Arquitectosdesigned the Bolt House for sloped areas. Because those are much cheaper than flat land, these stylish modular house designs can boost a plot’s value.

They’re also great for those looking to save money on a new home without compromising quality. The design doesn’t even need to be re-engineered for modular construction.

“The house is a modular design to fit the necessities of each family and also give the possibility of building in stages and is presented in a two and three bedroom configuration.”

– Paperhouses.co.

Like the Bolt House by Panorama Arquitectos?

modular house designs interior
modular house design

Villa Verde, by Elemental

modular house designs

Elemental makes the list again with the Villa Verde, which you can construct wholly or build in parts. An expanded Villa Verde house is 85m² and is higher-end than the Monterrey model. Elemental created the original in Constitución, Chile.

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